Post-traumatic Iraq syndrome

The war is lost. Americans should begin to deal with what that means.

William sent this link, and the following:

A military guy wrote this. Military guys are, it is said, not prone to exaggeration. They are long-term folk, aware of the consequences of their actions and looking over the horizon for ways to avoid getting their men killed. One might listen to military guys, especially regarding military-related actions such as war. One might have hoped that a certain president had listened a bit more closely before embarking on this debacle Iraq. One might also have hoped that the American people had not been so blood-lusted or easily panicked after 9/11 that they allowed this president to embark on such a foolish war. But that is all water under the bridge now. The problem is, a whole lot more water is on the way. How will we deal with it? That is the question that this military guy takes up. The upshot: there will be no victors.

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