*Loyal Readers*

[updated – Though I will no longer post the op-eds, I have made other arrangements*.]

Dear Readers:

No more will I be able to share the New York Times op-eds with you here. I’ve come to understand that the manner in which I’ve shared them has been in violation of the Fair Use laws with which I thought I had been complying. When my original blog was removed from Blogger, I thought the complaints were from one of the many people who disagreed with me politically and therefore discounted them. I was never given access to the complaints and the communication I received from Blogger/Google was negligible, so I was left to my own assumptions, wrong as they were. (There is a vast right wing conspiracy, you know! <wink>)

I left Blogger, hoping to leave behind my presumed right-wing stalker, got started here and figured he/they/it gave up. Now I have received correspondence with indisputable evidence that it was New York Times counsel that was responsible for the complaints leading to my removal from Blogger. If only they had just contacted me directly, I might not have lost all the other posts that had nothing to do with the Times (all 11000 plus). Oh well. Anyway, now they are currently seeking to have Google remove my current WordPress blog links from Google search.

In an effort to avoid any legal action which I cannot afford financially or otherwise, I will no longer share the NYTimes op-eds in their entirety. I posted the op-eds because I thought that everyone should have access to the valuable insight, facts and analysis usually contained therein.

Thanks, and keep the faith.


*Addendum: Thank you to those of you who have expressed your thoughts to me on this subject. It is very gratifying and reminds me why I started sharing the things I gathered on a blog in the first place.

*Feel free to consider my Times access as yours. I have decided to make my login information available to you on the blog front page below the donkey o.d. logo photo. Any questions, email me at donkeyod[at]gmail[dot]com.

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