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Obama Campaign Circulating Negative (And Ultimately False) Story About Bill Clinton

We’ve just obtained an email that shows that the Obama campaign yesterday circulated a negative, and ultimately false, story about Bill Clinton — that he allegedly made money giving a speech on September 11, 2006.

Strange Culture
Terrorizing Artists in the USA

“This film is dedicated to Hope.”

Thus reads the opening epigraph in Lynn Hershman Leeson’s film Strange Culture that opens the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival this Friday, June 15th in New York. It’s a lovely sentiment for our era of unremitting pessimism. When one realizes that Hope is not only the belief that events can turn out for the best, but a 45-year old woman who died prematurely of natural causes in her sleep , chills travel up and down one’s spine.

Mail Sent to Walter Reed Never Delivered

Turns out the trouble at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the focus of a firestorm of criticism over poor treatment of wounded war veterans, reached into the mailroom.

Pentagon May Drop Mental Health Question

U.S. troops would no longer be asked to reveal previous mental health treatment when applying for security clearances under a proposal being considered by the Pentagon.

Conversations with History: Confronting Global Terrorism: The Elements of a Liberal Grand Strategyr

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes international lawyer and policy analyst Tom Farerfor a discussion of the different world views of liberals and neo-conservatives within the foreign policy community. He analyzes their different perspectives on the U.S. role in the world, on the problem of terrorism, and their choice of means for the conduct of foreign policy. He also discusses the historical continuity in U.S. foreign policy.
Watch it now

The Ordeal of Ali al-Marri

There used to be a belief – no doubt Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would describe it as “quaint” – that people accused of a crime were presumed innocent until proven guilty. That was in the olden days, however, before the world-changing events of 9/11, after which, according to the powers that the President of the United States granted himself in November 2001, anyone he regarded with suspicion – almost exclusively Muslims, as it turned out – could be declared guilty without the need for such outmoded legal relics as the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.Read more

Prevent Mr. Qassim from being sent to torture

We need your help today to stop the U.S. government from transferring CCR’s client to Libya where he will likely be tortured.

Click here

The threat to al-Jazeera
It would be a disaster for the Middle East if the US neutered the region’s most independent TV station
By George Galloway

Since its launch just over a decade ago, the al-Jazeera satellite TV station has transformed the politics of the Middle East. For the first time, people in the region had access to a genuinely free and independent source of news and comment that was neither under the control of dictatorial regimes nor western states or corporations. Under its slogan of “The opinion … and the other opinion”, al-Jazeera gave an Arab world hungry for information and debate the means to talk to itself and shape its future.

More on That Meeting in Prague…
June 14th, 2007

A closer look at the participants list at the Prague Democracy and Security conference that was the subject of my last post discloses some intriguing associations that I had not noticed at first glance but which may warrant additional attention. Not only was the gathering a kind of “Neo-Conservative International” and the corridor chatter all about Iran, as Anne Bayefsky reported in the National Review Online, but some of the participants appear to be institutionally inter-related in ways that I had not anticipated.

A Neo-Conservative International Targets Iran

It’s worth noting the “Democracy & Security” conference in Prague last Monday and Tuesday where Bush, on his way to the G-8 Summit in Heiligendamm, confirmed once more — just in case his tightening embrace over the past year of Sunni-led authoritarian regimes around the Middle East had provoked any doubts — his commitment to spreading freedom and defeating tyranny throughout the world, particularly in Iran, Cuba, and Sudan.

Bush’s European disaster

The president’s trip was a pageant of disdain, delusion and provocation masquerading as a respite from his troubles at home.

By Sidney Blumenthal, at Salon

Russia warns Nato on arms treaty
Russia has warned Nato it could freeze its participation in a key arms control treaty in Europe, after talks on the issue ended in deadlock.

The talks in Vienna were aimed at reviewing the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty, which limits the number of non-nuclear weapons. The Kremlin says the 1990 treaty is outdated and restricts its ability to move troops around its own territory.
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Robert Fisk: Welcome to ‘Palestine’

How troublesome the Muslims of the Middle East are. First, we demand that the Palestinians embrace democracy and then they elect the wrong party – Hamas – and then Hamas wins a mini-civil war and presides over the Gaza Strip. And we Westerners still want to negotiate with the discredited President, Mahmoud Abbas. Today “Palestine” – and let’s keep those quotation marks in place – has two prime ministers. Welcome to the Middle East.
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Editorial: Lunacy in Gaza

Hamas has locked itself into the Gaza Strip with one-and-a-half million Palestinians and thrown away the key. Its seizure of control is political and economic lunacy because, for all its triumphant shouts, a sterile impasse has been created from which there is no painless retreat.

Where does the Hamas leadership imagine Gaza is going to go from here? read more

Juan Cole: Informed Comment
Sunni Mosque Demolished
Turks Plan Buffer Zone inside Iraq

An important, historic Sunni shrine south of Basra was blown up on Friday, raising fears of further Sunni-Shiite sectarian killings and reprisals, according to Alissa Rubin of the NYT. The town of Zubayr near Basra is largely Sunni, though it is situated in the overwhelmingly Shiite deep south. Iraqi authorities put the large southern port of Basra (pop. 1.3 mn.) under curfew as a result.

Turkey is considering setting up a narrow security zone inside Iraqi territory.

Friend or Foe?
By Dwayne Powell
Truthdig cartoon

Contractors Face Growing Parallel War
As Security Work Increases, So Do Casualties

U.S. military and State Department contracts, are fighting insurgents on a widening scale in Iraq, enduring daily attacks, returning fire and taking hundreds of casualties that have been underreported and sometimes concealed, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials and company representatives.
Read more

The ‘City of Cemeteries’
For several weeks, E & P has been featuring frank and often disturbing blog entries by McClatchy’s Iraqi correspondents and staffers from their site, Inside Iraq. The writers’ full names are not listed due to security concerns.
Here is the latest, on the continuing crisis in Fallujah, from a frequent poster, correspondent “Dulaimey.”


Download Information Brochure about Depleted Uranium: PDF


Action Guide: Depleted Uranium/Gulf War Syndrome (pdf)

International Appeal to Ban DU By former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark


During the current Iraq War the U.S. use of radioactive DU weapons increased from 375 tons used in 1991 to 2200 tons. Geiger counter readings at sites in downtown Baghdad record radiation levels 1,000 and 2,000 times higher than background radiation. The Pentagon has bombed, occupied, tortured and contaminated Iraq. Millions of Iraqis are affected. Over one million U.S. soldiers have rotated into Iraq. Today, half of the 697,000 U.S. Gulf War troops from the 1991 war have reported serious medical problems and a significant increase in birth defects among their newborn children.

From Naomi Klein
Laboratory for a Fortressed World

Gaza in the hands of Hamas, with masked militants sitting in the president’s chair; the West Bank on the edge; Israeli army camps hastily assembled in the Golan Heights; a spy satellite over Iran and Syria; war with Hezbollah a hair trigger away; a scandal-plagued political class facing a total loss of public faith.

At a glance, things aren’t going well for Israel. But here’s a puzzle: Why, in the midst of such chaos and carnage, is the Israeli economy booming like it’s 1999, with a roaring stock market and growth rates nearing China’s?

at The Nation

US and Israel Stir Up Palestinian Crisis
by Ira Chernus

It’s so obvious that Fatah and Hamas should work together to achieve an independent Palestine. Not long ago, they were proclaiming their unity. So why are they now destroying each other? If you get your news from the mainstream U.S. media, you might well think that they are just two irrational factions, driven crazy by lust for power.
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Reports of Forced Labor Unsettle China
SHANGHAI, June 15 — Su Jinduo and Su Jinpeng, brother and sister, were traveling home by bus from a vacation visit to Qingdao during the Chinese New Year when they disappeared.
Read More

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