After Gaza, some question who was overthrowing whom

The U.S. government began to lay the ground for President Mahmoud Abbas to dismiss the Hamas-led Palestinian government at least a year before the Islamist group’s violent takeover of the Gaza Strip last week.

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  1. It is true that Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people to form their government (though also the same people also elected Abbas as their head of state).

    However, while I was optimistic at one point that Hamas would be forced by the day to day minutiae of running a government to at least acknowlege the existence of Israel (how do you negotiate with someone who you can’t even admit is sitting at the table) and thereby force Israel to do the same, I would suggest that what has happened may ironically be the best opportunity in the long term for peace– especially if there is another war (in which case Israel may be forced to make concessions to ensure the neutrality of the Palestinian authority).

    I hope like everyone that peace can occur without bloodshed but I don’t realistically see how that could happen.

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