Mr. Mayor, the Nader of ’08?

June 23, 2007

Op-Ed Columnist


A huge ego and a few billion dollars can cause an awful lot of mischief.

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  1. nyt access

  2. I like the take that Thom Hartmann (or was it Randi Rhodes) had on Bloomberg’s actions. They think he’s going to watch the major party primaries to gauge who’s nominated and what chance they stand. Then if it’s someone lame (perhaps Hillary) or dangerous (just about any Repiglican) Bloomberg might jump in.

    What I fear is that Hillary will buy he way to the nomination, assisted by Rethugs like Rupert Murdoch. The Thugs would LOOOOOVE to have Hillary to run against, because they could whip up the hate frenzy that’s really all they have left to motivate their mob with. And even if Hillary won, she’d be the best Republican president America has had since her husband filled that role. As a Republican-acting president, I mean.

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