New Orleans v. Iraq

Guess where the U.S. is frantically building health clinics and flood-control structures.

Now the Corps is reporting that current levees won’t protect the city from another big flood. But the Corps is busy building new health clinics and flood-control structures in Iraq.

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  1. Let’s look at this cynically, shall we? The Corps is getting PAID to build health clinics and flood control structures in Iraq instead of New Orleans. How much of that is being subcontracted out to private companies that will skim the money, NOT do the work, and perhaps kick back some millions to the Repiglican Party? And because it’s in Iraq, where there’s no way to both check on the completion of the projects and stay attached to your head, any malfeasance will never be known. But if they screw up in N.O., everyone will know. So that’s why they do it there instead of the U.S.

    Then again, maybe I’m just bitter…

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