No Review of Sweetener Over Cancer Fears

Another European study raises doubts about the safety of aspartame, but many don’t realize it was Donald Rumsfeld who got “fast track” approval of the artificial sweetener as then-CEO of Searle (now part of Monsanto). The approval was one of Reagan’s first acts in office, thanks to a FDA commissioner who rewrote the rules for approval and would later do PR work for Monsanto/Searle! Not so sweet?

[thx RK]

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  1. The Shelly quote is so true – thank you. Knowledge in the minds of the masses is a physical force.

    I wish everyone would watch ‘Sweet Misery – a Poisoned World’ (Google video, 1.5 hr. documentary on aspartame).

    At least food products containing aspartame are labeled so we have a choice. Genetically modified foods (another ‘gift’ from Monsanto) are not labeled in the USA even though polls show 80-90% of Americans want labeling. And there are serious questions regarding the health safety of GMO’s.

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