The French Lesson In Health Care

The nation’s system isn’t quite as superb as Sicko maintains, but it’s pretty good

Michael Moore’s documentary Sicko trumpets France as one of the most effective providers of universal health care. His conclusions and fist-in-your-gut approach may drive some Americans up the wall. But whatever you think of Moore, the French system—a complex mix of private and public financing—offers valuable lessons for would-be health-care reformers in the U.S.

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  3. I think the kind of “public financing” we need in order to solve the health care crisis in America is public financing of CAMPAIGNS…so our elected officials are no longer dependent on big insurance and big pharma to fund their campaigns. Moore describes this problem vividly in the movie but neglects to mention this obvious solution. (P.S. The same is true if we ever hope to solve the global warming problem, impeded by political contributions from big oil and big coal, or halt the Iraq war, enabled by political contributions from our old friends the military industrial complex; until we cut the link between private money and public policy, all these problems will be near impossible to solve.)

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