Give progressive radio a chance in Cincinnati

Last month the Center for American Progress published a report confirming what many progressive radio listeners already knew: There are nine hours of conservative talk radio for every one hour of progressive talk on the public airwaves. Conservative talkers and Republicans in Congress began screaming that the Democrats were trying to take right-wing talkers off the air. They claimed the report was advocating a return to the Fairness Doctrine, a long-repealed requirement for equal time on the airwaves. Both claims are blatantly false.


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  1. Even down here, my wife and I listen compulsively to the more strident programmers on Air America Radio and Nova-M. (We download podcasts of their shows.) The bitterness of the political exiles…

    We like them because they mirror our anger over what’s happened to the U.S., and because they’re ahead of the curve on many issues that don’t make the mainstream media until months later. “Vote caging” is one. Unlike the reich-wing radio shows, which I would sometimes sample for a few minutes just to stay in touch with the voice of madness, the left-wing shows mix FACT with their vitriol. People like Rush and the clinically insane Michael (Weiner) “Savage” were mostly ranting diatribes about how “the liberals are all out to get us.” Funny how they would scream that even when their political faction held sway over all three branches of government. Paranoiacs always feel threatened, though. As a registered nurse who’s worked in a lot of psych wards, I recognise the mindset.

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