Volley back to Dusty Rhodes

From: Baker, Jerry R
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 2:04 PM
To: ‘Rhodes, Dusty’
Cc: ‘Tim Burke’
Subject: RE: Response
Importance: High

Thanks for getting back to me. You’re a busy guy, and I can tell you took the time to get your facts and data sorted out. Obviously, we’re never going to agree on many of the things you say, and I can tell you must have been plenty aggravated when the station changed formats and your oldies format was moved. Just a few clarifying points from my side, and we’ll leave it be (until we perhaps meet at a Democratic Event):

  • Right Wing Talking points: Sean Hannity spent one full week spewing venom at progressive talk after the CAP report. Your article was filled with the same vitriol on these same issues, especially when you took a shot at Progressive Radio in general and proclaimed it had been a failure everywhere. I’m sorry, you didn’t do your research there, because that was a flat false statement.
  • Ed Schulz leads his time slot in San Diego and is 2nd or 3rd in Seattle. He also regularly beat Sean Hannity in other markets when he was at 3PM Eastern. (He has not been at his new slot of 12 PM long enough for me to quote you more data than this. ) However, as I invited you, the best source of data, if you are really interested is to ask Ed. His website is fully transparent and has all the contact info you need. I did not make this up, so please investigate if you are going to dispute what I wrote.
  • Also regarding Ed: He came to Cincinnati for three days in 2006, without any public appearances, solely to coach-up the sales and marketing staff when his show started to show some local success in Cincinnati. Salespeople who’ve spent their careers selling advertising for right-wing talkshows don’t know how to sell this product so he made a serious effort to help. He was also scheduled for a 4-man debate, teamed with Jerry Springer, vs. Hannity and Cunningham at the Belterra Casino as a promotional event, however, Hannity was afraid to appear on the same dais with Ed and the entire thing was rearranged as Hannity vs. Springer. The whole event was intended as a national promotion of this local station…it was lost. Ed has discussed this on his show numerous times.
  • Ratings: I didn’t compare the Progressive Talk Ratings with your oldies station because I don’t think that’s a fair comparison. It’s not the fault of Progressive Listeners that your oldies station got moved. Frankly, we would have been happy with WSAI in the first place. As I said, it was holding its own in the ratings – I don’t think 18 out of 38 is that bad. It feeds the needs of some listeners who wanted to listen (like me!). What’s wrong with serving a segment of the audience, even if it’s in a minority? That’s why the airwaves are licensed isn’t it? To serve the community, even if it’s only a segment?
  • The Right Wing Talkers didn’t get where they are over night…it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If the format isn’t allowed to try to build an audience, then I don’t think that’s fair. You complained about the budget for your station being zero…fair enough Dusty, but oldies format isn’t a new product (pardon the oxymoron). Progressive Radio needs focused management and marketing to grow its audience. I have no comment about Jerry Springer. I was not crazy about his show, but I tolerated it waiting for the national shows which followed his. Your obvious bitterness over the money they spent on his show may be justified, because my complaint is they did NOT use the money to promote the station and the national format. It was pathetic.

  • The technical problems? Nice try, but I listened to that station almost all day long and I have never heard any other station have those kinds of problems. If your show gets eclipsed by 30-60 seconds of dead air and 5-15minutes of cross feed I think you’d be a little more upset. You’re minimizing this. It was horrible, trust me, I’m not lying.
  • WCKY’s signal: I’m sorry but drive to north Hamilton County and try to listen to this station during the daytime. As you know, the last two call letters stand for Kentucky because the signal is aimed there! The signal is great at night? Great, but the progressive format they carried was targeted for a daytime audience and the signal was crap north of downtown.
  • Lastly, you’re defending your bosses (not to mention Cunningham’s pathetic rants against the station) by telling me they’ve managed the “number one station in Cincy for 10 years”. Hello, WLW, 50K Watt “Clear Channel” (day AND night) home of the Cincinnati Reds. Put Ed Schultz on that station Dusty, and see how he does….Heck, we’ll take WKRC… can you get your bosses to kick off Limbaugh or Hannity and give him the slot?

Dusty, the TV Networks are left wing biased? There’s a throwback to the Viet Nam War. Where were these stations when Bush lied us into Iraq? Answer, imbedded. I have to say, that I’ve never heard so many right-wing, Republican talking points from a Democrat. You’re worrying me! Come Back to the Democrats….where Left is Right.

All the best

Jerry Baker

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