Don’t Laugh at Michael Chertoff

MICHAEL CHERTOFF, President Bush’s fallback choice for secretary of Homeland Security after Bernard Kerik, is best remembered for his tragicomic performance during Hurricane Katrina. He gave his underling, the woeful Brownie, a run for the gold.

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  1. Why is it that so few recognize the Media’s failure?

    Michael Moore on the July 12th edition of Countdown with Keith Olbermann :
    Here we are in the fifth year of this thing and I‘ve seen very few media outlets issue an apology for not doing the job they should have done, because in some ways I feel the media is more responsible for this war than Mr. Bush.
    I mean, on some level you can say, you know, Bush doesn‘t know any better. But the media does. And if the media had done its job and really demanded the answers from these people, the public might not have gotten so behind it and we could have prevented it. So there‘s a complicity involved here with our media and I‘m still, after all these years with the war still going on, still very upset about the fact we‘ve lost so many lives. And people simply won‘t take responsibility for their actions.

    Except for the Boston Globe’s Charlie Savage for his work on President Bush use of “signing statements” and his exposure of 150 graduates of Pat Robertson’s lowly rated Regent University in the Bush Administration; and Josh Marshall’s TalkingPointsMemo on Duke Cunningham and the fired Federal Prosecuters, very few in the Media can count on more than one good story.

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