Ignorant Right-Wing Hate Mail for Prog Radio Advocate

Hi Guys,


In the midst of the great Dusty war, I didn’t mention that I also had a letter on Progressive Radio published in the Cincinnati Post on Tuesday Afternoon. It was much shorter than my Enquirer Article, and I didn’t think anyone read it, so I didn’t mention to you. Someone did read it, and I thought I would share with you his comments. It was sent anonymously by normal Post Office mail, so I’ve scanned the unsigned letter into a Word Document so you all could enjoy it.

I’ve gotten these kinds of letters before, it comes with the territory if you’re going to get published in the paper, but it’s indicative of some of the right-wing loonies we have in this town.

Jenny, maybe you want to share this with your blog readers to give them a reality dose on what right-wing radio does to its brainwashed listeners.

Yours in the cause.

Jerry R. Baker

Here’s the mail from an anonymous right-wing looney:

Dear Mr. Baker,

I read your Letter in the Post and I cannot be more pleased. I love to see liberals in print, they are so uninformed it makes the rest of us look even more intelligent and listen to even more!

Fact, something liberals never deal with, there was a “progressive” radio station in the Tri-State Area and it couldn’t make it. Your great “progressive” politician Jerry Springer, also a Clinton want to be who like Clinton would like to bang every female in sight, was the big draw and he and his other progressive cronies sounded as uninformed and ignorant as any “progressive’ liberal politician could be.

Now for the reason “progressive” talk radio doesn’t have any listeners, including you since you didn’t even know there was one in town! Intelligent people want to hear facts! They don’t want to be lead like sheep, as you “progressive’ liberal’s are. We watch the major media networks and see the same propaganda Dr. Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, used in Germany. No facts just exciting speeches like Al Gore, no scientist or profession annalist, just big Al telling us about Global Warming. Something he doesn’t even practice with his private planes, limo’s, and a house that uses more energy than a small city! Here is a guy who is still crying about the Florida vote and he couldn’t even carry his own state for the presidency and he wants us to believe him about something scientific. I bet you still believe he invented the internet too!

It’s like when your “progressive” politician’s and Bush tried to push the Amnesty for Illegal Aliens down our throats. It didn’t work because we read the bill and studied it unlike you “progressives/liberals” who said “oh that clean living decent man” Teddy Kennedy (who walked way from a droning girl at Chappaquiddick and didn’t do anything until the next day) says it’s good for us so lets all support him & Bush and their bill!

I’ll bet you are even in support of the National Heath Bill, which is a disaster in England and Canada, because Hillary, another truthful “progressive” says it’s good for you. She is against Wal-Mart but owned stock in it, what a sham artist? I’ll bet you even believe we are losing the war on terrorism, how gullible! You may want to be called “progressive’ but you are just plan liberal! Progressive means new ideas and you and your party have not had a new idea since you burned your draft cards!

Unlike you “progressive’ liberals we don’t follow Bush or the democrats we follow reason, knowledge, and what is good for our country. There is no “I” in America but there should be in democrat! I’m not a democrat, not a republican, but an American who you will always hear from like you did on the Amnesty Bill! You and your “progressive’ liberal party can push communism all you want but it will never happen in America!

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