Misreading Iraq, Again

George W. Bush and his neoconservative allies have misread the reality in Iraq again and again over the past four-plus years. Now, with some signs of cooperation between U.S. commanders and Sunni tribal leaders, Bush and the neocons say they’ve finally got it right and Congress should back off on withdrawal deadlines. But the new evidence can be read the opposite from the Bush-neocon interpretation. Indeed, their view could give another helping hand to al-Qaeda.

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  1. mullah cimoc say him neocon just the israel agent.

    who am wife of david wurmser? Am she affiliate israel intel?

    who am wife of william kristol? Am she affilate the israel intel? What him connect the israel intel?

    weekly standard never make the profit (not one time) but rupert murdoch keep paying for subsidize. Why him do this? Answer: not real free enterprise magazine. just for part of mind control operation. give usa “sets” or the small bites of information implant from many sources, less suspicion, make ameriki so stupid with the brainwash.

    google: mighty wurlitzer +cia for begin the education. then to reading:

    inside the company – a cia diary by phillip agee and

    a man called intrepid, by william stevenson.

    this for basic education. then mullah cimoc teaching more for stop destroy of usa society with woman become whore take LBT (low back tattoo)and man children become the gay homosexual for the posion food of ameriki and grow the breast and become the feminize.

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