Come on, Obama, and Clinton, and Edwards, and Pelosi: All Aboard the Impeachment Train

With Bush stiff-arming Congress with one specious claim of executive privilege after another, impeachment is more imperative than ever.

The people understand this. It’s the politicians, even most Democratic ones, who are lagging so far behind.

A poll came out in early July that showed 45 percent of the public in favor of impeaching Bush, and a whopping 54 percent in favor of impeaching Cheney.

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  1. yes, all aboard the impeachment train!

    until we can impeach him, let’s at least make fun of him.

  2. There are many English translations of this famous idea of checks & balances we feed to the commoners. Some examples include

    * All hope abandon, ye who enter here – Henry Francis Cary (1805–1844)
    * All hope abandon, ye who enter in! – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1882)
    * Leave all hope, ye that enter – Carlyle-Wicksteed (1932)
    * Lay down all hope, you that go in by me. – Dorothy L. Sayers (1949)
    * Abandon every hope, you who enter. – Charles S. Singleton (1970)
    * Abandon all hope, ye who enter here – John Ciardi (1977)
    * No room for hope, when you enter this place – C. H. Sisson (1980)
    * Abandon every hope, who enter here. – Allen Mandelbaum (1982)
    * Abandon all hope, you who enter here – Robert Pinsky (1993)
    * Abandon every hope, all you who enter – Mark Musa (1995)
    * Abandon every hope, you who enter.” – Robert M. Durling (1996)
    * All hope abandon, you who enter here. – James Finn Cotter (2000) [1]
    * Abandon all hope upon entering here! – Marcus Saunders (2004)

    Curiously, not very many French aristocrats were for their own Revolution.

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