The Logic of Impeachment

Even as George W. Bush thumbs his nose at constitutional checks and balances and the rule of law, Democratic leaders can’t find the courage to utter the “I-word.” But an unprecedented dual impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney may now be needed to protect America’s legacy as a democratic Republic that upholds the twin principles that no man is above the law and everyone possesses inalienable rights. Millions of Americans are looking for some political leader who will dare step up and say, “Impeach the bastards.”

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  1. Is it a comforting thought that if the Bush regime isn’t impeached that they will be ousted with the next presidential election?

    If so, you need to wake up.

    George Bush and the Neocons have no intention of turning over the American government to what they consider a hostile party — Democrats. Their crimes are too many, too deep to ever let an opposition party gain control. They would lose everything; their house of cards would fall apart. And some, Bush and Cheney included, could face war crimes. They won’t let that happen. They are primarily cowards. Believe me, their cowardice runs deeper than your life or mine, or millions of lives if it comes to that.

    The sooner Progressives realize that this country has indeed experienced a hostile takeover the sooner we can begin taking actions that will ultimately matter.

    If not the Bush team will either stage another terrorist attack or worse yet, start a nuclear war with Iran or whomever. They will declare martial law, cancel elections and continue an agenda which is decidedly unamerican. They have a death wish, and it includes you and me.

    It is a not time to be squeamish. Pre-1776 the American folk got the message and acted. We are there again. It’s time to act.

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