Administration Fights Dem Plan to Boost School Aid for Vets

“The Bush administration opposes a Democratic effort to restore full educational benefits for returning veterans, according to an official’s comments last week.”[. . .]

“The Democratic proposal would cost an additional $5.4 billion a year, the VA estimates — and that’s too much, it says.”

And how long does it take to spend 5.4 billion in Iraq?

Let’s ask my buddy, Larry M:

($5.4 billion/year…HELLO!…That’s what it’s costing us for two weeks–TWO WEEKS–in Iraq now!! (Not to mention 50 Americans and hundreds of Iraqis dead every two weeks.) This denial of supporting our troops for $5.4B is from the same Bush Administration that already has “lost” at least $8.8 billion in cash in Iraq, “lost” 190,000 weapons, and “lost” 135,000 body armor pieces. The inept Bushies have also “lost track” of 115,000 helmets, didn’t provide the proper vehicle armor protection, and, according to the Washington Post, several thousand anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles are missing. Also, billions in oil money has gone missing–100,000-300,00 barrels daily. And most tragically the Bush administration “forgot” about the wounded at Walter Reed Hospital. And now Bush and his toady VA says $5.4B is too much to give the returning vets for their deserved–and obligated– GI Bill. Disgusting…!)

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    Bad guys make even worse allies
    A notorious arms dealer was the wrong person to enlist in the U.S. war effort in Iraq.
    By Stephen Braun
    August 13, 2007

    THE UNITED STATES seems to be missing some guns in Iraq. Somehow, the U.S. military has lost track of 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 80,000 pistols that were supposedly delivered from our caches to Iraqi security forces. It was classic bureaucratic bungling, the Government Accountability Office concluded last month in a report criticizing the Pentagon’s failure to keep proper records and track weapons flows. But there may have been another factor — the government’s dangerous and bumbling use of bad guys.

    Consider the case of one particular bad guy, Viktor Bout — a stout, canny Russian air transporter who also happens to be the world’s most notorious arms dealer.

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