For any readers still left…

I’ve been really busy, starting new job, sorry to let you down.  Hope to get back to it in the next day or two.

Published in: on September 6, 2007 at 6:28 am  Comments (23)  

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  1. I still check in occasionally. Good luck with the new job, Jen.

  2. Actually it’s been a good reprieve as I’m addicted to reading your excellent choice of posts. Now I have time to catch up on the other parts of my life. Good luck on the new job.

  3. Still with ya. We understand.

  4. These things happen.

  5. Congratulations on your new job. I hope it is one that has some satisfactions of its own. And I thought you were on vacation or taking a deserved break. I look forward to what you choose. Thanks!

  6. New jobs can be demanding! While I miss your posts, I’m addicted and will continue to come back to sample whatever you have time to offer. Good luck with the new position.

  7. Dear Homepage,
    I’ll check this donkey as long as it is, a well amid the hububb.
    Rock on

  8. Still checking in. Good luck with the new job!

  9. As I’ve been on a blogging sabbatical since February (psyche needed a break from Repugnant warriors and the wimpy Democratic responses/caves), I certainly understand taking time for life’s other challenges.

    Yet, I still visit every day, like a lonesome goldfish making the daily dash to the side of the fishtank at regular feeding times, never acknowledging that the owner is away.

  10. Still check in every morning.
    Looking forward to whatever you can manage.
    Thanks a million!

  11. I’m a regular checker-in of this site, and will continue to do so.

  12. You and “Riverbend” both come back at same time, safe and sound. Life is good. All the best in the new job.

  13. thank you so much, everyone, you all inspire me and mean so much. thank you again.

  14. Even if you’re not posting in person, you are still a daily help those of us without authorised access to the NYT stuff. You give a gift that keeps on giving without any actual work involved!

  15. Good luck with the new job!

  16. Yes, Good luck with the new job! Smile a lot!

  17. I’m here!

  18. I will be here as long as you are!

  19. Don’t sweat it. Don’t stop permanently. But don’t worry.

  20. You are worth waiting for! Thanks and good luck with the new job.

  21. Thank you for what you’ve provided, and get back soon- I need to see with Dowd has to say in today’s NYTimes re. Rudy and Hillary!

  22. Jen, that’s terrific news – I hope you are happy at your new employment, although I envyed your ability to work from home. You deserve the best because you are such a great, caring person. Hugs.

  23. So the NYT won’t be charging for Rich, Krugman et. al. any more. People like me won’t need you to be our enabler in crime. Thanks for the free ride while it was needed!

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