Dan Rather sues CBS, Viacom for $70M

Rather’s complaint stems from “CBS’ intentional mishandling” of the aftermath of a discredited story about President George W. Bush’s time in the Texas Air National Guard.

Go Dan!!!

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  1. He deserves every penny.

  2. I’m just stopping in to say hi Jen!

  3. I agree! I hope Dan gets the facts and truth out there. Bush went AWOL and has been AWOL with respect to service to the U.S. ever since.

  4. Dan Rather was set up by daddy bush’s buddies. Thank God for Mark Cuban! Go, Mt Lebanon!!

  5. In 2006, 115 Democratic congressional candidates — many from conservative districts — made opposition to NAFTA-style pacts a centerpiece of their campaign. They promised to reform America’s trade policy. But this month, to the horror of these recently elected fair traders, senior Democrats like Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., are joining with Republicans, the White House and corporate lobbyists to champion trade deals that actually expand NAFTA.

    The proposed pacts with Peru, Colombia and Panama are designed to force Americans into another destructive wage-cutting competition with desperate foreign workers just as BusinessWeek reports that “many countries south of the border are building up their outsourcing infrastructure.” But that’s just the beginning.

    According to the watchdog group Public Citizen, the Peru deal weakens American laws that ensure taxpayer-funded contracts do not subsidize outsourcing.

    The Colombia agreement, which is being pushed by former Clinton administration officials-turned-lobbyists, rewards a government that helps execute union organizers, according to the Washington Post. Today, more unionists are killed each year in Colombia than in the rest of the world’s countries combined. Suppressing unions keeps Colombian wages low. With the benefits of a free trade agreement, those low wages will be more easily exploited by outsourcers.

  6. photos ”should not be made public. I feel that it could possibly endanger the men and women of the armed forces as they are serving and at great risk.”

    But the real push to limit the accessibility of the photographs will come from the continuing effort to protect the administration and cover up our misrule in Iraq — to identify ”outrage” over the photographs with a campaign to undermine American military might and the purposes it currently serves. Just as it was regarded by many as an implicit criticism of the war to show on television photographs of American soldiers who have been killed in the course of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it will increasingly be thought unpatriotic to disseminate the new photographs and further tarnish the image of America.

    After all, we’re at war. Endless war. And war is hell, more so than any of the people who got us into this rotten war seem to have expected. In our digital hall of mirrors, the pictures aren’t going to go away. Yes, it seems that one picture is worth a thousand words. And even if our leaders choose not to look at them, there will be thousands more snapshots and videos. Unstoppable.

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