Limbaugh’s Cowardly Smear

The controversy over what Rush Limbaugh meant when he uttered the phrase “phony soldiers” last week isn’t just another broadcast sideshow. As the political power of conservatism declines, the symbolic authority of figures such as Mr. Limbaugh is likewise shrinking. That is why he backs away from his own words, rips them from context by selectively editing his program’s transcript and insists he didn’t demean soldiers and veterans who dissent from the Bush White House war policy—as he and his fellow partisans have done so many times before.

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  1. I heard the original broadcast that he is being smeared about. You are wrong. I heard the broadcast.

    He didn’t say anything disrespectful towards legitimate soldiers. It was a single lying “soldier” who was discredited that he referred to. I heard it myself and Limbaugh didn’t bash our men.

    You should listen to his broadcast sometime, though I agree it’s hard to. I’m not a ditto head as I find him too pompous for me. I rarely listen to him.

    Rather I subscribe to your blog as it is very interesting. However, I can’t agree with you saying that he is backtracking. Your take that Limbaugh is wrong here. His was taken out of context and is banter around now with great inaccuracy.

    I heard it, and am a witness to the truth in this matter.

    If you have integrity you’ll retract your statement until you investigate for yourself the matter.

    Love your blog!

  2. Wow I wish I could edit that post. Ugh.. hitting send before finishing edits sucks.

  3. This video illustrates who “fake soldiers” are. This tiny url is from Comedy Central. At about 2:35 into this humor is the piece regarding the “fake soldiers”.

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