Activists Face Six Months in Prison for Putting Up Anti-War Poster

Three activists who were arrested at a press conference near Lafayette Park appeared in Washington D.C. Superior Court yesterday where they were given a trial date of January 3, 2008, and face a six-month prison sentence.

Adam Kokesh of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Tina Richards of Grassroots America, and Ian Thompson of the A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition where arrested during a press conference near Lafayette Park where the National Park Service deployed mounted police and a SWAT team to disrupt it. (See URL for video below.) The press conference was called to display the lawful way to apply posters in response to almost $40,000 in postering fines levied against the ANSWER Coalition.

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  1. I have viewed the incident and from what I can see, there is no reason why freedom of speech, of expression in a democracy like the United States should be suppressed. The amount of power used was dictated to remove the message. The fear factor was in stilled to those who would view the incident. With possible heavy punishment for exercising freedom of expression, it is perhaps a tool to suppress more expression for peace. I can understand this mother’s concern for her sons, along for many more who suffer even after they return from the war zone. Here in Canada we are questioning the real purpose of our troops in Afghanistan. We have soldiers returning needing medical attention which they are not receiving for stress, from not only one tour of duty but multiple. We had recently had received news of a death that is not related to war, but self inflicted. I personally have talked to several soldiers over the years that have served in Afghanistan, and what they tell me is not what the Government is telling Canadians. More Participatory Democracy is needed to have a true democracy, hopefully peace will come someday, not in my lifetime, but perhaps in the lifetime of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. God bless the peace keepers world wide.

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