Dick Cheney’s Sadistic Passion for Shooting Tame Animals

Dick Cheney just spent a day shooting up pen-raised birds. Some hunters liken the sport — killing tame animals that offer no resistance — to having sex with a blow-up doll.

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  1. If you disagree with his politics as I do that’s fine, but this is hunting. Where I come from people make a living raising these game girds for hunting, and they are no easier to shoot than a wild bird. If you have a problem with this I suggest having a tofu burger for Thanksgiving because most of the turkeys consumed this holiday are bread to be so fat they can’t stand, a fact. I would prefer to be free first and shot later..standing.

  2. You raise an interesting point, comparing factory poultry farming to these tame animal hunt farms, and it’s an astute one, given that the animals seem to be raised in approximately the same appallingly over-crowded conditions in each case.


    What Cheney and his friends were up to that day is not, by any reasonable definition of the word, “hunting.” It was far closer to working the day shift at the slaughterhouse.

    And, in the final analysis, I’d rather be free first and NOT shot later, sitting or standing… ;)

  3. Haven’t visited for a while. Apparently Mr. Bazz you don’t hunt. I guess most people in this country don’t. However it remains, and probably always will be a tradition in rural America. I would never try to convert anyone, but unless you are a vegetarian what’s the point? “Tame animal hunt farms”, interesting, you must have a vision of the keeper training these birds to fly over the hunters and hover over the guns in order to be easier targets. Doesn’t work that way. Raised birds are released into forested areas prior to departure of the hunting party, insuring there will be that specific species available in the area hunted. you still have to shoot them, and they still can fly. You just don’t believe in hunting sir, leave Cheney out of it. He’s engaged in enough foolishness on our behalf to skewer him politically.

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