The Just-Nominated Second in Command at the DOJ Helped Bush Steal Florida in 2000 and Clerked Under Scalia.

All you had to know about the newly nominated second in command at the Justice Department, the Deputy Attorney General to AG Mukasey, is the final paragraph of a November 16 Chicago Tribune article: “After clerking for [Antonin] Scalia, [Mark] Filip returned to Chicago rather than stay in Washington and pursue the kind of career track that traditionally leads to a choice government appointment. He did, however, work as a volunteer Republican vote counter in Florida during the 2000 election recount.”

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  1. Hell, Jen.

    There’s really no sense in getting exercised. I’ve read back, a bit, and you’re doubting yourself. I tried to tell you not to doubt your ideals a few years back. And you st out blogging ( I think I directed you to blogger). Then you got fancy about blogging. You know how ,much it hurts me to employ the term blog.

    Firstplace, you have a feminist’s outrage. We’ve never met, in person, but you know what I’d do to do away with whatever hurt you. You set out on this Odyssey when you battled some poseur political epert an tthe ahole attacked you personally. I mean, you can’t actually pound the jerk’s face, but, well, you know. Second, you operate with innate intelligence. It’s only the internet, but you knew I was smart as shit and so were you.

    Aside from all of that Jen. We share almost identical taste in music. Remember you challenged me about SocialDistortion? I have the better White Light White Heat graphics.

    But when it comes down to it, we both live in a world in which morals and values are neither Republican nor Democrat, they’re what Ray and Dave think they should be. The Bros. haven’t actually come down on stem cells. And Dave may never admit Ray’s right, about anything.

    You never had this experience. The closest connection I have with my brother Chris is I once broke his jaw. IAnd if they’re voting in the USA, they’re probably astoundingly stupidDemocrats.

    So anyway, Jen. When you used to be timid. When you used to think you had no voice worth listening to. Tell you what. I said you did. You’ve got an elegant website now. I’ll hang around if that’s worth considering.

  2. Hey Jenfur:

    Just stopping by to say Hello!


  3. Every Democrat is infinitely superior to every Republican candidate. Including Frodo Kucinich.

    I don’t know which you support. Is Oprah’s backing worth anything? If you think so, why? John Kerry was better than any of the Dem candidates. I’m sure you’ve read the so-called Iraq enabling act. Nobody enabled any invasion. Plain English. The law required the little twit to ask Congress for authorization. What it said. The invasion was undertaken without Congressional approval.

    We like the same bands, pretty much. Dolls, Social Distortion, Kinks more than any. My bank went broke and my well ran dry…I turned on the gas and I soon realized, I hadn’t settled my bill so they cut off my supply, no matter how hard I try, it seems I’m to young to die.

  4. Nominating Mukasey was probably the first politically intelligent thing the new Centurions ever did. Schumer said this guy was OK, and obviously he fooled Chuck. This guy’s not OK.

    I’m pretty well acquainted with Jen’s ideas about freedom of choice. I’m exceptionally conflicted on this subject, mostly Constitutionally. As far as morals are concerned, when these bastards admit killing putative convicts who stand a good chance of not being guilty is not by any chance what Jesus would do, I might believe they’re pro-life.

    Let me take this moment to point out the lately-deceased Polish Pope’s reaction to Shock and Awe. He wanted to be there. Physically restrained. Now, a pope offering himself up as a martyr might be questionable. You think he didn’t mean it?

    How is it that Americans believe the invasion was somehow authorized? Read the alleged authorization. W was supposed to come back to Congress, before he did anything at all. I don’tthink the little turd did that. I know he never had any intention. Now its fascinating. Obama for a fact knows nobody voted for the invasion. Read the law, it’s on the internet.

    At some point, W just steamrolled the clear requirement to come back to Congress. Nobody voted on this shit. Fact is, these assholes lied their asses off. People in Congress simply weren’t prepared to believe the Pretzledent of the United Snakes would flat out lie his lying ass off.
    He thought innocents would die indiscriminately. He was right. Every single Republican Right-to-Life ahole ought to have to fess up on the death penalty. True?

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