One Laptop Per Child

Love this! I got sold on it while watching the segment on 60 Minutes. (Just bought one for me and one for a child I haven’t met.)

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  1. If this idea is true it’s superb. I know you buy it. I think I do too. If you watched the 60 minutes, you know there’s some nonsense about the reality.

    The idea that kids get this without training: I’m skeptical. I think they need people to help.

    I’d like to go and help with the computers. I have a bogus (I mean it’s bullshit) criminal record that would probably keep me out of, what, the Peace Corps. I’d do it in a minute. Nothing to keep me here anymore.

    Anymore. Anyway, I was going to say I was proud of you, but you’re not young enough and I’m not that old. And as much as you used to cringe from exposure, now you step. What’s your favorite Husker Du song, Jen? It’s the Bob Mould version of ‘Eight Miles High’. I used to think ‘Diane’, but not because of the words’. Or, mainly the chords. I think Kurt Cobain may have listened to that song.

    And what’s the best Ramone’s song, or the best of the Clash? That would be ‘Stay Free’. It reminds me of you. And it’s an astoundingly good song.

  2. I wanna be sedated.

  3. Are you OK?

  4. Well of course I want to be sedated. Are you as gorgeous as you look in your photos? Probaly not.

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