Favorite quotes of 2007

by Glenn Greenwald

Published in: on December 30, 2007 at 12:48 pm  Comments (6)  

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  1. The quote that remainslike swamp gas and deadly miasma comes from Dickless Cheney Has to do with other priorities.

    Of course, Cheney was a soulless zombie in the Nixon revolution while the crooks stormed the Watergate, and John kerry was sent up the Mekong to behave pretty damn well. In fact, the only Republican that came close was McCain, and all he did was to tough out captivity. Kerry, as JFK saved his men. And certainly faced capture and torture.

    It’s just been bowl season. How many Republican operatives descended on these sites? Hundreds, probably thousands. God knows what comes out of it. Kerry could have avoided service by legal and honorable means. W crept out like a thief in the night with no evidence left behind, but all of th evidence is evident.

    How does a fight go when the opponents believe without brains in their controllers? I will say, when idt came to Short Boats, what did the cool haircut VP candidate ever say in defense of his running mate? He wasn’t quiet, he was like a crypt.

    But as far as 2004. Gov. Deany Baby wasn’t asking for more cash after the primaries. The party stopped supporting it’s best candidate since JFK. Took on Nixon and drove him to insanity clear enough that only the silent majority could have voted him in. Kerry was so screwed over by the Democratic Party who should I vote for? Tell you what. If you either went to Viet Nam or tried to fight the war at home, you probably got bloodied and watched people die.

    Well, a Democrat of course. My family and I are the strangest Southerners by choice and not by the Grace of God there ever were. And every single one of them is supetior to the mongrel menagerie of dogs with human heads the GOPutrescence is putting up. I’m pretty sure that in ’04, Kerry would have been Bobby’s guy. In fact, I think the USA would be well-served by both the parties and the people figuring out WWBKD.

    I know you’re partial to the shrimp with the awesome trophy wife. My opinion, he’s dangerously close to despicableRalphism that could fuck things up. Jesus, let Ron Paul do that to the Party of Taliban religious enforcement, drowning the government in a sink, and invading EVERYBODY.

    One way or another, it can’t be these assholes ever again.

    I would say this. This is a very interesting woman. Interesting website

    So Iowa is an idiotic grade school project.

  2. Having taken a break from blogging since last February I can understand the need for distance.

    Just wanted you to know, you are missed.

  3. Yes, missed.

  4. Get up you’re ass, and fight back. you’ve made a beautiful space, you have a unique point of view. You actually know who Dave is “Death of a Clown” means.

    You’re better than anything that’s depressing you, and I believe in you, if that makes any difference. I know its only the internet. but, I feel like I know you. Maybe its only ‘Mr. Churchill Says’. Maybe it’s ‘no class distinction’. No drug addiction. ‘We’ll surf like they do in the USA”.

    Can’t get more gorgeous, doing the Beach Boys. So you sell me out. This is another Monk plot and you’ve written me off.

    Jesus Jen. Wake up and say hi if youre hidingtell me where miss you terribly. What aa asshle.

  5. Dave Death of a Clown Davies wrote an excepttional song called ‘Death of a Clown”. You might have heard of it. If you haven’t you’re a moron.

  6. One of them had the nerve to ask me tonight if anyone in my family had ever amounted to anything. And it made me so angry.

    I’m pretty sure one of them is egging dawn on. They love to pull strings and play games with other peoples feelings.

    Can’t wait till this thing is decided. If we don’t come together behind the winner, it’s going to be hard to pick up the pieces after November. I don’t want to go through that again.

    If it goes to the convention, I don’t want any of them to get it…just give it to Gore or Biden. We have to move on.

    It’s quiet here. It’s time to make a joyful noise again, Jen. Miss you.

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