Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2007

10. Myth: The US public no longer sees Iraq as a central issue in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Juan Cole

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  1. Hey, keed.

    I still start my days by clicking on River, I always hope there’s news. There never is, but you know we hope against hope, whatever that truism means. Like what Joan Baez said, maintenant. She was talking about Nicola y Bart.

    All the great anarchists and state criminals are dead and gone. Most of them are consigned to some sort of demiworld. Who actually ever accused Benazir Bhutto of the corruption Western journalists have made her mantra? I think the accusationd all come down on the single lying shit that enabled the Charlie Chaplin dictator and his facilitator, that lives in splendor to this day. That would be AQ Khan, who runs the country and apparently, the USA.

    Isn’t propping up Musharraf the ultimate US ignominy? Democracy? We don’t laugh, we chortle. To paraphrase Randy Newman, Jesus, what a joke. They’ve basically got Ice Nine and it’s about as stable a government as Israel’s, who also have Ice Nine. Either is likely to deploy. These people are nuts.

  2. So. Everybody thought Barack was the New Deal. You know that I touted this guy way back in ’04, and you’d have to admit, back on that Kicking Blog, I’m the first guy you heard talk about Barack. (Keith Olbermann, for that matter).

    But he isn’t Kerry. Who was the anti’Bush. Kerry rode a boat up the Me’Kong. Sort of the Muddy Waters campaign. Edwards talking about health care is kinda sorry. If Newt and the scumbags hadn’t jumped on Hillary’s idea, the economy of this country would be in good shape and people would be covered. That’s a fact.

    Edward’s job in the last campaign was to defend Kerry against the Shortboaters. He gagged. I’m blaming this whole thing on you Jen.I said Barrack was Bobby’s second coming. I can’t claim youthful indiscretion. Bobby was one of a kind. I’m looking forwad to your ideas.

    We both know either or any Democratic candidate is light years beyond any Republican as far as sanity. Much as I touted Barrack back in ’04, and Jesus, if you look at archives, I was all over this case. And they want to claim the Suffolk U. poll, which is the school that gave my grad degree.

    What I really think: Everything this woman said about health care in the first place was absolutely right. O’ve kown that sicnce that happened.My dad is a superb doctor, that believes everybody ought to be covered.

    If people like Newt hadn’t shat on it pro forma because Newt didn’t like it, there’d be another severaltrillion percolating through the economy about now. If you don’t see that, you’re an idiot. Not you, that loves Dave Davies, the prospective idiot. Please tell me you still believe that Dave going ndts on the second half of Australia is the most sublime playing you ever heard.

    I’m listening to Obama’s concesesion speech. It’s astounding. Even his voice sounds raw and different, and hes doing NLK. It’s still not Bobby. For a long time, I thought that was the only hope. Know what I mean? It’s not Watts. Nothing is ever going to be. W, eat a pretzel. Hillary is awseome. She got emotional? That was entirely convincing, if you ask me. She means what she says. Yes we cannoor Barrack? Jesus Christ. No Republican comes close.

    If Big Head continues his Big Head crap and lays this ’emotional’ crap on Hillary, doesn’t Keith Olbermann”s crap on Hillary’s emotionalim start to looke like like bad woman jokes and Obama favoritism? Yeah, it sure does, Keith. You’re nailed like a dead guy on this.

  3. She will forgive him even if he costs her the presidency.

    My, what an ego it takes to be King of the World. Do any of then come away from it without thinking they were indispensible?

    I visited Truman’s Library this summer. Talk about an ego. He also had to take money from bad people to get to Washington. He liked to think he overcame it.

    Claire probably has risked it all backing Obama. I hope she hasn’t hurt our state slate. The Republicans immediately pulled their wounded Governor off the ticket and are now going to trick the yokels into thinking they can do better than us for a replacement.

    At least she got the Kennedys off their asses and moving.

    Oh, how I hope the blinders are finally off. How many times can they be fooled?

  4. Isn’t it odd…that people are actually writing notes to others again like real people used to do?

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