Another euphemistically titled weapon, Active Denial…

The Pentagon’s Ray Gun A Non-Lethal Weapon Straight Out Of Buck Rogers

How To: Stop A 500 foot Monster, Continued

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  1. It’s so much easier to attack when one thinks they are detached from the act.

    This ray gun thingee is the newest in a line of weapons designed to take away the human factor. All these pilot-less spy craft were the first generation and now we have these taser guns/laser cannons.

    You can inflict pain without being a party to it. So you do it more often and have less remorse. Another wonderful scientific advance from the same people who gave us the atomic bomb.

  2. I love hearing the squeals of paranoid
    left wingers.

    By the way, you’re behind the curb. Go
    to The pentagon lied.
    Active Denial is lethal. It always has been lethal and it can kill, to quote the article, hundreds of people in seconds by simply turning up the power.

    Love it. The pressure to deploy to protect our brave troops in Iraq should shortly prove irresistible, CAN’T WAIT !!

    Don’t believe it, check the truth at:

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