Hillary Clinton, Fratricidal Maniac

The New Republic: Hillary Clinton’s Continued Run Is Damaging The Democrats’ Chances

Published in: on March 7, 2008 at 10:56 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. No, the voters that first promised to support Hillary,
    then at the last minute turned their back on her, THEY
    are the people damaging the Democrats’ chances. I pledged my vote to Hillary last year like so many other people. She has stayed in the race for me, and countless others who she has made a promise to. I’d like to thank Mrs.Clinton for not backing down when people are blinded by “the flavor of the month”.

  2. Without her hazing, warns the Clinton memo, “Democrats may have a nominee who will be a lightening rod of controversy.” …

    There must be something about living in a Secret Service bubble. Has she somehow forgotten how much of a “lighting rod of controversy” The Clinton’s experience in the White House is?

    I don’t think for a moment she’s staying in this race for her loyal followers.

    The Clintons are running Hillary to circumvent the Constitutional Amendment that prohibits a third term for any president. Once in office, she will do what she is told to do not what her supporters want her to do.

    There is an all to familiar lust for power at work here.

    Whether it’s the Bush crime family or the Arkansas mob, there is a political/economic machine operating in this campaign. Someone wants a Clinton (either one will do) in power to further their own interests.

    Once you are married to special interests, you can’t be your own woman.

  3. Hillary didn’t say I know her supporters will vote for me but I don’t know if mine will vote for her. What a deanie baby asshole. Could somebody point out where Bill Clinton said something racist? He didn’t, you Deanie Babie asholes. Just didn’t. What is wrong with people? Isn’t that comment by Obama revolting? He’s supposed not, but he knew and he did it out of greed. We don’t like to target people, but these people tarsgeted

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