Imagined Letter to Geraldine Ferraro from Barack Obama

Dear Gerry:

He is my gramps. My face looks like his. He and my grandma “Tut” raised me and supported my dreams. He was a veteran of WWII–just like Archie Bunker. My skin is black but I’m my Gramps and his values run through my veins. They are the values of whites of a certain age in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and beyond.When you say that I am where I am because I’m black, you overlook how much my Gramps and Tut made me who I am. I’m a complicated man, for a complicated time. Don’t try to simplify me to fit into your box.

If I were Barack Obama, That’s what I would say to her.

[purloined from the blog’s Veneita, pH.d]

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  1. You can’t reason with those who are backed into a corner. I’ve detected a real panic among the Clintonites since Iowa.

    They can’t beat Obama on experience. He’s actually held more responsibility in government than she has.

    They can’t beat Obama on a grasp of details. He’s a quick study.

    They can’t beat Obama on youth and inspiration. He’s got a background that crys out hope.

    So they have to beat him on negatives. It stinks so much of Republican dirty tricks that she has turned off her own party leadership. You can’t win superdelegates that way.

    But that’s the only way she can now win. She can’t win on the popular vote, the elected delegate count, or the number of states won.

    Pelosi knows that Hillary ran a bad campaign from the start. She also has split the party base. One doesn’t want to hang their hopes for the future with such a stupid strategist.

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