The Cult of the Suicide Bomber

By Robert Fisk

“The Independent” — – Khaled looked at me with a broad smile. He was almost laughing. At one point, when I told him that he should abandon all thoughts of being a suicide bomber – that he could influence more people in this world by becoming a journalist – he put his head back and shot me a grin, world-weary for a man in his teens. “You have your mission,” he said. “And I have mine.” His sisters looked at him in awe. He was their hero, their amanuensis and their teacher, their representative and their soon-to-be-martyred brother. Yes, he was handsome, young – just 18 – he was dressed in a black Giorgio Armani T-shirt, a small, carefully trimmed Spanish conquistador’s beard, gelled hair. And he was ready to immolate himself.
[emphasis mine]

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  1. During thre ’60’s their was a quotation attributed to Mao that said, “When you ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

    Don’t know if he did…it sounds like something a Westerner would say. But it does illustrate the problem in the Middle East. The West has taken away their pride. Politicians usually use Israel as their excuse for dehumanizing vast groups of Islamic cultures in that region.

    It really doesn’t ring true any longer now that Bush blatantly invaded Iraq. At some point we have all come to realize it was about oil…in our country, in Europe, and in the Middle East.

    The region is held together by a variety of dicatorships that our foreign policy works with and that all the young men in those countries who read Jefferson, Madison, Voltaire, and Locke know is not how the West found democracy.

    So they rebel any way they can.

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