Obama puts Rev. Wright issue to bed

Do you believe in guilt by association? I don’t. Even if I did, I don’t think Reverend Wright is guilty of anything but anger at injustice.

My friend wrote this and I wholeheartedly echo it–

I watched the video of Minister White- so much of what he said is easily taken out of context. I can’t say that I took issue with what he said- the language of the oppressed is always an offense to those who refuse to open their eyes to see things as “the other” sees them. for this is “the offense” that Christ spoke of and for which he was crucified… HE was a radical too.

Another friend’s perspective that I don’t disagree with either:

“What’s the big fuss about Rev Wright’s comments? I just saw it on MSNBC and all I could say was “hell yeah”. He’s right that Hillary will never know what it’s like to be black. We… our country… America… the USA has killed more innocent people in Iraq than were killed on 9-11 and never blinked an eye. We are guilty as hell. I don’t think God is happy with our actions. I don’t think war is what Jesus would do. (for those who focus on the Christian aspect of his commments.) I do think the rich white men like Bush like to keep the black man down and build bigger prisons. I hate the 3 strikes you’re out bullshit.”

Reverend Wright is a Marine, a biblical scholar, and has spent 30 years as a pastor preaching the social gospel. The UCC’s tenets are availabe online at UCC.org.

REGARDLESS, here Obama puts the issue to bed, as well as the Rezko molehill…

Does Hillary actually want to make a big deal out of a real estate deal like Rezko?  [psst remember Whitewater?]  Obama returned all of the money from Rezko and donated it to charity. What did she do with her questionable contributions from IPA?  Sen. Hillary Clinton has declined to return the $170,000 from individuals at a company accused of widespread sexual harassment, and whose CEO is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record, federal campaign records show.

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  1. Why are we allowing the Right to question Obama’s religious background? Why did Hillary personally open up this form of debate by saying …. Of course he’s Christian, I suppose?

    Instead of just renouncing Wright and stating his strong love of this country, if I was Obama I’d confront the real problem….Hillary’s too cozy use of half truths to score a point with the Dixiecrats.

    Her and her suragetes’ (sp?) behavior of late reminds me of Colin Powell’s descent from grace. When you start selling you soul with an eye to future power it might give you, you have given up any trace of decency.

  2. One of my best memories from my service in Vietnam was watching negroids bleed out. I hope that when they riot in the not too distant future when Obama is further exposed and the rioting begins, then the time will have come to see that this becomes the final negroid riot. God Bless America and the Founding Fathers. P.S. You negroids got sold by your own, you suckas!

  3. To Self pro-claimed ‘magic caucasian’ who makes other caucasians wish they were not:

    I thought of deleting your hate-filled comments but you proved Reverend Wright right in his so-called radicalism. It’s 2008, but the hate, prejudice, ignorance and evil is still here. Perhaps it’s just not quite as acceptable since you weren’t proud enough of your statement to sign your name…?

  4. It saddens me that I have to share my planet with people like you. You have my pity.

  5. The above comment was for magic caucasian

  6. Obama’s an elites. yet Hilary and Bill earn 20 million last year. Doesn’t sound like blue collar to me. It’s so sad that there’s never been an American president that has stood up and declared that any person born or naturalized in this country will be extended the full an equal right as a US citizen and if anyone violates those right the full weight of the government will be brought against them.

  7. Obama has been the underdog in this campaign from day 1. The Clintons have dealt so much dirt, openly and underhandedly, that they should go to jail! I listened to Congressman Clyburn’s press conference on CNN last Saturday. He stated that other members of congress had gotten the wind of a plot Hillary latched to bring undue pressure on Obama to upset his campaign so McCain could win. Thus, giving her a shot at the presidency in 2012. Why is Billary still breathing???

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