Obama and Race

“The big thing for Wright is hope,” said Martin Marty, one of America’s foremost theologians, who has known the Rev. Wright for 35 years and attended many of his services. “You hear ‘hope, hope, hope.’ Lots of ordinary people are there, and they’re there not to blast the whites. They’re there to get hope.”

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  1. I know Martin Marty is not a “typical white person,” because he’s a scholar and therefore able to understand all these things.

  2. Those who take offense at being called a typical white person are the same ones who think they are being discriminated against because they are white.

    The Obama problem is the same Dixiecrat problem this party has always had. The Clintons decided early on that they wanted it that way.

    I guess they stopped believing in the Centralist strategy that pulled equally from the Left and the Right. They’ve jumped off the fence and followed the Dixies right back into Far Right territory.

    As far as I’m concerned, they have ceded the Middle to Obama and are trying to be McCain Republicans. They might win the nomination that way but they will never beat McCain that way.

    Good riddance to the Centralists. They never looked out for the best interests of their own party or the American worker.

  3. I don’t think I am being discriminated against because I am white. That would be crazy. I do think it was an impolitic and irresponsible thing to say after giving a speech telling us to get beyond racial categories. I think Obama is too centrist, frankly. I am way to the left of him.

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