Obama, Ferraro, Wright: ‘Postracial’ Meets Racism

Quite what concept Ferraro was referring to is difficult to fathom. Of the ten whitest states to have voted so far, Obama has won nine of them. Of the ten blackest states to have voted so far (including the District of Columbia), he has won nine of them. The votes are not weighted for melanin content. His lead is the product not of affirmative action but of democratic election.

There is a word for people who consistently deny the existence and effects of racism while denigrating black achievement. It’s called racist. It is not a word that should be used casually, and it is a word that has at times been misused. But it is not a word that we should refrain from using simply because some people might be offended. Ferraro is a racist. That’s not all she is. And that’s not all she has to be. But that is what she has consistently chosen to be in her response to black men in politics.

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  1. Postracial meets racial is an interesting way to phrase the situation. He only sought to run for president of all the people not just blacks.

    But that doesn’t matter because those that can’t get past the color of his skin never hear the words that he speaks. They only make fun of them.

    We are jumping over a whole generation that can’t come to terms with their own prejudices. Ferarro, Wright, Limbaugh, Fahrakhan, Dobson…they are like an endangered species that can’t see their end coming. Instead of trying to adapt, they fight a turf war over their erroding habitat.

    We need a good president. A smart president. Not one who is always right and never makes mistakes. And it doesn’t matter to those of us who want our problems attended to whether he’s a member of the Blue Man Group. He or she just needs to try hard and bring together the best people to do the job…then lead those who are ready for the change to happen.

    The Dinos just don’t get it. They are still looking at a black man who is really of mixed origins….like we all are.

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