Empire or Humanity?

What the classroom didn’t teach me about the American empire

By Howard Zinn

Published in: on April 11, 2008 at 7:29 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. When Bush took office he told us that we were the last great superpower because Reagan had conquered the Soviet Union.

    He said he intended to transform Russia into a modern capitalistic democracy and build markets that our economy could capture and milk. (Well, maybe not in those exact worlds.)

    For some reason the Republicans also thought that by moving all our corporate assets and equity to China, we could enslave the workers there to fuel the growing power of the American superpower.

    I’m not sure if it was the lure of empire or just the pure joy of relishing all those big dollar signs dancing in their heads. But somehow, some way the world was our’s to eat like an apple and savor the juices running out as we bit into it.

    Either the world wasn’t an apple or the Republicans created their own faulty reality. Maybe it was both because nothing is working out with this empire that the Reaganites built.

    By the time that Bush proclaimed us the last great superpower, the necons were already deluding ourselves into thinking it was true when it obviously wasn’t. There were tell tale signs.

    But those that create their own reality don’t look around them for confirmation. They just forge ahead. All those millions of people around the world who marched in protest of the Iraqi invasion. They didn’t matter.

    All those cuts in the prime by the Fed when Bush was waging war and cutting taxes for the wealthy at the same time. All the American people rushing to cash in on the cheap money our country was borrowing from foreign bankers (most of whom were our former Communist foes).

    All the oil being imported from Islamic countries who were funding terrorist operations as far back as the first World Trade Center bombing.

    None of these signals were noticed. Bush just kept on pushing the envelope thinking he could do no wrong.

    Then it all started to unravel. Abu Graibe, Katrina, Enron. Even Iraqi would not be surcomb to our military might. Russia started imprisoning capitalists. China would not lower their currency. The Saudis would not stop the rise in oil prices.

    It never really existed…that one last great superpower.

    The reality that the neocons created came to a complete hault with the evidence that our American banking system was insolvent.

    So here we are waiting for the other shoe to drop and Bush and McCain are still talking about staying in Iraq as long as they please.

    Please. We are at the point now that others will be telling us what to do in the future. We had the world by the string and the Republicans cut it into little pieces.

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