There’s something wrong with us.

Overkill and Short Shrift


The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is no doubt (and regrettably) a big issue in the presidential campaign. But what we’ve seen over the past week is major media overkill — Jeremiah Wright all day and all night. It’s like watching the clips of a car wreck again and again.


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  1. There is something wrong with the conservatives.

    Working class Americans have finally realized that they have been manipulated and their lifestyle is in decline.

    All the conservatives and DLC have left is smear tactics and fear. Both of them have lost credibility and clout with younger voters…older ones are either dying off or joining with the young.

    The MSM that feeds the absurdity is losing its grip on the public as well.

    There is nothing wrong with America that a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party cannot cure.

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