Assault and Batteries

High-tech horror:
Widespread cell-phone violence against women in Iraq and the Congo.

by Harkavy

Published in: on May 7, 2008 at 6:53 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Thought about you today. I got A Skids record in the mail from Amazon. I’m not expecting to grow flower’s in the desert.
    But I can live and breathe and feel the sun in Wintertime. Stay Alive. In a Big Country, Dreams Stay with you, like a lovers’ voice on mountainside.

    This makes me think of “Angle of Repose”, by Wallace Stegner. I think you would really like this book. Actually, I know for a facr you’d love this book. Trust me.

    Here’s a guy you and I both think is a genius, I think. Guitar playing without a doubt, the pure perfection makes me cry more than “Finding Neverland” and if that doesn’t make you cry, you can watch Gale Sayres and Brian Piccolo and not tear up. And all the while it’s a nod and a wink for Johnny Depp playing the most decent man you’ve ever come across. I think Johnny Depp is actually that really good guy.

    I was blown away by this movie. You’ve got a genius who finds his genius rhrough some really good kids and that really just loves themand he loves their mother chastely, and the guy that loves her loves the kids.

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