SNL gets Hillary right… finally

Hillary Clinton, played by Amy Poehler, gave three reasons why she would be the strongest Dem candidate to take on John McCain.

1.) I am a sore loser.
2.) My supporters are racist.
3.) I have no ethical standards.

“So there you have it: Sore loser, racist supporters, no ethical standards — qualities Sen. Obama simply cannot match. That’s not an attack on my opponent. It’s just the truth. When you consider that, the choice is obvious.”

Via Keith Olbermann, video here.

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  1. So, what exactly is the ‘unethical’ point. Real estate deals. Clintons lost most of their life savings at the time. Obamas made a bundle.

    My supporters are racists? Electability, right or wrong, accurate or miguided and ill-advised, this is probably an astute assessment of American voters.

    Sore loser? Well. If Howard Dean decides things, Michigan mvoters and Florida voters don’t count because Republican State Houses changed primary dates and there wasn’t a goddamn thing Democrats could do about it. (If Gov. Granholm endorses Obama, than questions arise. Did she do this to intentionally to sabotage, in league with the DNC, well that’s spectacularly unethical) to promote the guy that chose not to run in such a populous state? He did run in Florida and got trounced. And at the time this was posted, nobody’d won yet.

    Those rules against Michigan and Florida are Dean’s rules, and the identidfication of the two states they represent are extremely tellin of some sort of prearranged deal. This doesn’t even consider the entire idea that bumrushing caucuses is anti-democratic, and it’s the Joe Stalin Way.

    If there’s a backlash against Obama, well, the progressive icon Keith Olbermann has devoted two-thirds of his show for months to stories based on shrillness and ‘Three Faces of Eve’. If there’s racism injected, it’s real but tiny, and it has it’s genesis in the Obama campaign just making up stuff about what President Clinton said. Political fabulism, but It was an Obama bookend with Ronald Reagan. If there’s some racial divide, it’s mostly PR, boosted by the press, and instigated by the Obama camp.

    The divide is between Democratic Party liberals and the rebranded. If you’re not progressive, if you’re an old-school liberal, you’re supposed to sit down and take your beating while history is canceled. This is exceptionally annoying, and it’s counterproductive.

    maybe I’m wrong, but if Dean had beaten Kerry, we’d have been reamed, and the coattails would have been frightening. (Of course, if the Chairman had supported Kerry at all, there would have been no need for this conversation.) Or Kerry would have sown up the 2008 nomination and we’d be looking at things get better before now.

    I’m starting to not care.

    There’s a subtext. Why Ron Raygun was a criminal and why the the PNAC and the Bush family hated him enough to pull the swift boat shit. Kerry jumstarted Nixon’s demise, and he
    said it would take police work, he knew exactly what he was talking about. President Obama is fine with me. If you remember, Jen, I was a big supporter from the get-go. It’s the repranded jerks that trouble me, because my opinion isn’t any good anymore, but hey, some of us have found a way through political wwars and rock ‘n’ toll wars at the same time.

    I’m just backing out, altogether on politics

    Just for Jen: It’s a gorgeus wbesite. My opinion: Obama walked on everythin. Accused Bill Clinton of racism and then accused the press of bringing up racism.

    And how its a sore loser. She’s run him to a standstill, which makes hr an emasculating bitch. Right? That is the progressive message from

    There’s no racism in Hillary’s campaign. The misogyny has been amazing. Tweety, but Keith too. This idea of accusing somebody of racism when it just wasn’yt there. is depressing.

    Is how it’s unethical. In how revenge, it’s trumping electable.

    I don’t see how an American with a brain could vote for Mc’Cain. But slamdering a reasonable Democrat whose ideas hi’s going to have to coopto have a viable platformt? Whose health care plan is better? Who’s got a substantive plan for extraction from Iraq/ Hillary does. On health care, Barack hasn’y a clue.

    He’d better win (HoDean will blow off Mi and Fla, because he hates the DNC. He’s an ass. People could bring up jis connections with KennyBoy and reinsurance and somebody could do the google.

    Obamas gonna get nominated. I still don’t but it, and if you think about the DNC Kicking Ass, I’,m the one that said he was anointed.

    The party screwed over Kerry bigtime. Edwards and Dean disappeared. Kerry committed the ultimate sin. He tracked downevery detail of how Raygun subborned the Constitution.

    So they made a bumch of shit up up. Somewhere somehow, somebody will make that little turd pay.

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