Thank General Clark for His Straight Talk, Tell Him To Not Back

Sunday, on Face the Nation, General Wesley Clark spoke honestly and bluntly about what it takes to be Commander in Chief.  In doing so, while he said Senator John McCain’s service made him a hero to millions, including Clark himself, that experience does not trump the poor judgment that Senator McCain has shown on some of the most important issues in recent years.

What General Clark said was right, but the right-wing has been in an uproar. And even CNN accused Clark of “swift-boating” McCain. We need to fight back.


Let’s show General Clark that we have his back, and will not stand for any attempts to shut down this important debate.

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  1. It would have been nice if he’d had John Kerry’s back. Progressive? Bullshit. Sure as hell not Bobby.

  2. General Clark? Did he have Kerry’s back? Inexcusable shithead.

  3. Kerry didn’t drop bombs on unsuspecting civilians. He fought face to face. He was slandered and had an election stolen whole hog from him in
    Cuyahoga County. Wake up little eyes.

  4. Wesley Clark is a man of honesty and integrity. Perhaps a little uneducated in today’s demand for milk-toast pablum as politically correct speech, he speaks with sincerity and conviction. Wes Clark is not artificial.

    John McCain endured brutal treatment as a POW, he was also a pilot who would have dropped napalm on helpless villagers if ordered to, in a war without moral grounding. As Clark truthfully observed, being a pilot and getting shot down does not qualify one for executive position.

    Wes Clark would have made a great compliment to the far left Democratic ticket, bringing lots of Independs like me into the fold come November. Instead, Mr. Obama’s reflex stab in the back of Gen. Clark because of the trivialized uproar in the main stream media demonstrated a lack of courage when the kitchen heated up. It will prove to have undermined his chances for victory in the coming election.

  5. No joke Jen. Hanging Kerry out to dry? He trashed Reagan. He was left out to dry. This was unconscionable. They hung him out to dry when he was just right; True true wihout a doubt.

    We know for a fact the Supreme Court lied. This is absurd. Made-up horseshit.

  6. Anytime anybody says what they think these days everyone jumps all over them.

    Let them speak up. There have been far too many silent for far too long.

    I want the truth and I don’t care if people think it’s politically incorrect. And I don’t care if the speaker was silent in the past.

    We have to live in the day and keep focused on the future.

    I’ll give Clark his due. He said what needed to be said, and it’s ultimately going to help us all. Only a General of his stature had the credibility to say it and make it stick.

    I’m really surprised at how little controversy surrounded his remarks. You would have thought the MSM and RNC would have done a Rev. Wright on Clark. It blew over in only one day…imagine that.

    That’s because he scored a bull’s eye. The corporate media divas didn’t want to give him any more play fearing that the voters might have to actually confront the truth.

    Since the remark was an overnight sensation and died, I’m thinking General Clark may be trotted out again by the Obama campaign when it’s necessary for someone to do the hard lifting. Don’t write him off.

    We all have our usefulness.

    Besides, I’m past passing judgment any longer. When the Republican facists scaped entire Amendments from the Bill of Rights with no other authority than themselves…and our Democratic leadership didn’t bat an eyelash, I ceased being particular about who we use to attack these cockroaches.

    So give them hell, General Clark. God bless you for being a good soldier and carrying out your orders to a T.

    It’s obvious that the RNC is frightened of him. That means everything to me. Let them worry about when and where Clark will surface the next time McCain needs to be toppled from his Military Genius pedestal.

    That doddering old fool is going to get a lot of people killed if the GOP somehow pulls this out. I’m tired of losing elections and seeing innocent people being terrorized by the Republican Party.

  7. On July 8, 2008 at 5:30 am Blue Water Man

    Blue Water,

    Don’t be confused. Clark is one of us. Nobody makes a move without the Obama group orchestrating it. That’s how Chicago ward politics works.

    It’s a new/old fashioned way of running an election. And it works. The GOP certainly knows what’s going on and it scares the hell out of them.

    Clark is on board. He probably appreciates the discipline he sees in the Obama camp that was sorely lacking in the Kerry campaign.

  8. General Clark took four bullets and remained in charge. McCain flew where he wasn’t supposed to while raining down shock and awe. Kerry saved a wounded comrade from the MeKong. W protected the Jack Daniel supply at the OClub. Which party has war heroes?

    This is so gd stupid, it’s unbelievable. Draft-dodgers include me, and most of the rest of them are Republican politicians that act like defenders of the universe. Dan Burton had this right: scumbags.

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  10. bet, kiddo.

    Dum, I’m reading Lord of the
    Ping. Rou haven’t been around and I miss tiu. You know I just ji,ed on Obama.

  11. Okay..,too long, no change in websight. Don’t loose the faith, girl!

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