We Are The Ones

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  1. Still ain’t Bobby.

  2. Who said he was?

  3. Yele, Jen. And I’m old and cranky and pretty much everybody says so.

    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Obama supporters painted Bill Clinton with a racist brush.

    Outrageous, but I think the man from Hope put that behind him. LBJ did the greatest thing he was capable of, and it was a truly great thing, when he forced the Voting Rights Act on the Democratic Party. Like Gollum going into the Crack of Doom with the Precious. It wasn’t good politics, but it was righteous.

    What we all reaped was Lee Atwater and Kommissar Karl Rove, and Willie Horton and too many years of dictatorial Republican rule by drooling dotards and neocon nitwit ventriloquist’s dummies.

    Now is a new time, but people paved the way. It would have been a different and a far better world had Bobby met a better destiny. Barack would still be brilliant, but he wouldn’t be so astonishing.

    That’s all I meant. “What is clear is that after the assassination, the country took a turn toward more conservative policies that have persisted since. Social justice and the end of the war in Vietnam were long postponed.”




    Other than my dad, this was the greatest American of my lifetime. There would not be Barack if it weren’t for Bobby.

  4. Everybody.

    Better than the grimacing creep, not the second coming. Is he as good as Kerry or Gore? Maybe.

    Kerry erxposed Reagan as a criminal. Nobody chose to listen.
    Americam voters chose Swiftboat bullshit best into their mindless brains bu Fox Mews.

    Does raining down death in pursuit of an immoral war make you a war hero, or is it saving a buddy out of the Mekong?

    I want Barack to be president, but he’s a politician. Bobby Kennedy wasn’t a politician, and he was certainly a more evolved human being. There is something to be said for the commonweal, and that’s what Boffy stood for, and what Barack seems to care about.

    People are what they are, and what they’re best at. Republicans hate Kerry because he’s a prosecutor, and he exposed Reagan as a criminal. It’s a sad commentary on the idea of representative government that morons convinced voters otherwise, and let a scumbag like Ken Blackwell steal Cuyahoga County. Volusia all over.

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