Is Sarah Palin’s Baby Really Her Daughter’s?


and Curiouser

and Curiouser
Does she look six or seven months pregnant?
7 months pregnant?

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  1. I sincerely hope that the truth about this VP nominee comes to light…for the stakes for the nation are far too high.

    Choosing the barely vetted Palin certainly speaks to McCain’s “trigger-like” judgment and if these allegations prove to have merit, they speak to Palin’s lack of character and integrity…by coming outta the gates touting that she’s “juggling between the Blackberry and the breast-pump!”

  2. Nothing to do with the kid. Everything to do with the spectacular double-standard. If Chelsea had turned up Pregnant in ‘o6 these fools would have ripped her new ovaries. The kid’s pregnant. Leave her the hell alone.

    But man, they are big-time full of shit hypocrites to claim they wouldn’t made some Karl Tove hay out of this.

    Democrats haven’t done so, and morons will find them wanting, Repiblucans are creeps when it comes to politics. Democrats have some sort of common decency.

  3. There must be a heaven cause I already did my time in hell. Stand you’re ground. (I think I told you from the first when some asshole was bullying you.) Don’t mean a thing. When the angels sing. Mike Ness ought to meet Raymond Douglas Davies. Ray made a connection with Bill Carter.

  4. “Repiblucans are creeps when it comes to politics. Democrats have some sort of common decency.”

    It’s funny how people want to believe what they want to believe!!

  5. She does not look pregnant at all.

  6. She is obviously not pregnant.

  7. Richard Pryor did a really funny bit years ago.His wife had caught him cheating on her, and he told her, “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes and ears!”

    I feel the same way about Palin’s alleged birth to Trig. Four kids, a 44 year old woman who brought them all to term, and even her friends said she didn’t look pregnant, 7 months gone.

    She claims to have been ‘in labor’ while she flies to Phoenix, flies back, lays over in Seattle, and then drives from Anchorage to a small medical center over 40 miles away. She gave speeches, walked for hours,and Trig is not even named on the list of baby’s born that day, in the hospital records.

    There is just no way. Middle-aged women in their 40’s do not suddenly give birth, months after no evidence of pregnancy, ever. I wrote about this while back.

    I’m willing to be wrong, but I have this pesky habit of believing my eyes and ears.

    When she releases her medical records and a comp of her and Trig’s DNA, I would claim my mistake and eat my humble pie.

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