Merry Christmas All!


Robert Green Ingersoll

The Arena,
Boston, December 1897.

..If I had the power
to produce exactly what I want for next Christmas, I would have all the kings
and emperors resign and allow the people to govern themselves.

I would have all the
nobility crop their titles and give their lands back to the people.
I would
have the Pope throw away his tiara, take off his sacred vestments, and admit
that he is not acting for God — is not infallible — but is just an ordinary
I would have all the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests and
clergymen admit that they know nothing about theology, nothing about hell
or heaven, nothing about the destiny of the human race, nothing about devils
or ghosts, gods or angels.
I would have them tell all their “flocks” to think
for themselves, to be manly men and womanly women, and to do all in their
power to increase the sum of human happiness.

I would have all the
professors in colleges, all the teachers in schools of every kind, including
those in Sunday schools, agree that they would teach only what they know,
that they would not palm off guesses as demonstrated truths.

I would like to see all
the politicians changed to statesmen, — to men who long to make their country
great and free, — to men who care more for public good than private gain
— men who long to be of use.

I would like to see all
the editors of papers and magazines agree to print the truth and nothing but
the truth, to avoid all slander and misrepresentation, and to let the private
affairs of the people alone.

I would like to see drunkenness
and prohibition both abolished.

I would like to see corporal
punishment done away with in every home, in every school, in every asylum,
reformatory, and prison.
Cruelty hardens and degrades, kindness reforms and

I would like to see the
millionaires unite and form a trust for the public good.

I would like to see a
fair division of profits between capital and labor, so that the toiler could
save enough to mingle a little June with the December of his life.

I would like to see an
international court established in which to settle disputes between nations,
so that armies could be disbanded and the great navies allowed to rust and
rot in perfect peace.

I would like to see the
whole world free — free from injustice — free from superstition.

This will do for next
Christmas. The following Christmas, I may want more.

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  1. All I wanted for Christmas was my country back, and it looks like I’m going to get it…but not all in one piece.

    This time America gets a Marshall Plan. Woe be it to any Republican in either a red or blue state who says we can’t afford to do it after the betrayal and the bailout they instigated on their countrymen.

    I hope everyone is joining with others in their local communities to keep the Democratic Party growing. If your county finally went blue like mine did this election, join up with those in the surrounding red counties. Organize, set objectives, recruit and support good candidates, and canvass households to make sure voters know who we are and what we are determined to accomplish.

    Don’t stop pushing forward when you know that the GOP will be pushing back hard with every dirty trick that dirty money can buy. Let’s keep it clean and people-oriented. If we build it right, others will come to our side.

    It’s not about Obama. It’s about the people he inspires and what they do from this day forward.

    Happy New Year…we can finally say it and mean it again.

  2. Jen.

    I miss talking to you. Have I offended you?

    I have to ask. How do you like Grace Potter? You know I’m not big on female singers. Maria Mckee, for sure. and Patty van Ness.

    We like the Kinks motre than anything,

  3. I think you mean you’d have them melt, thaw, resolve themselves into a dew.

    I can be Hamlet, but you can’t be Ophelia. You’ve dot too many things to be done. I believe I’m right. On-line we think Fall-Out boy is even remotely decent. They aren’t the Killers. And the Killers aren’t the Stooges. And anybody thinks Iggy kicked out the jams was walking slower than MC5.

  4. hi mj
    i agree with you

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