US Taxpayers are Being Enrolled in an Economic Chain Gang

“To preserve their [the people’s] independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude” – Thomas Jefferson

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Assist immediately please

Dear Madame/Sir:

Compliments of the day. I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude.

I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My country has had crisis that has caused the need for large transfer of funds of 800 billion USD. If you would assist me in this transfer, it would be most profitable to you.

I am working with Mr. Phil Gramm, lobbyist for UBS, who (God willing) will be my replacement as Ministry of the Treasury in January. As a former U.S. congressional leader and the architect of the PALIN / McCain Financial Doctrine, you may know him as the leader of the American banking deregulation movement in the 1990s. As such, you can be assured that this transaction is 100% safe.

This is a matter of great urgency. We need a blank check. We need the funds as quickly as possible. We cannot directly transfer these funds in the names of our close friends because we are constantly under surveillance. My family lawyer advised me that I should look for a reliable and trustworthy person who will act as a next of kin so the funds can be transferred.

Please reply with all of your bank account, IRA and college fund account numbers and those of your children and grandchildren to so that we may transfer your commission for this transaction. After I receive that information, I will respond with detailed information about safeguards that will be used to protect the funds.

Yours Faithfully in the Name of God,

Minister of Treasury Paulson

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Show Your Support for a Responsible Economic Recovery Plan

We are facing a financial crisis as profound as any we have faced since the Great Depression.

Congress and the President are currently debating a bailout of our financial institutions with a price tag of $700 billion in taxpayer dollars. We cannot underestimate our responsibility in taking such an enormous step.

Please sign on to show your support for an economic recovery plan based on these guiding principles:

  • No Golden Parachutes — Taxpayer dollars should not be used to reward the irresponsible Wall Street executives who helmed this disaster.
  • Main Street, Not Just Wall Street — Any bailout plan must include a payback strategy for taxpayers who are footing the bill and aid to innocent homeowners who are facing foreclosure.
  • Bipartisan Oversight — The staggering amount of taxpayer money involved demands a bipartisan board to ensure accountability and oversight.
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Investigate the Propaganda Pundits

From Free Press:

Dear Friend,

The Pentagon is infiltrating the media with pro-war propaganda.

The scheme reaches all the way to the Bush White House, where top officials recruited dozens of “military analysts” to spread favorable views of the war via every major news channel — without revealing they were working from Pentagon scripts and often lobbying for major military contractors looking to cash in on the war.

This is a violation of every conceivable standard of journalism — and possibly of federal law.

Take action at:


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I Am NOT Amused

A video emerged this week of a dinner party that George Bush gave for some members of the press. During the course of this dinner, President Bush took stage with a cowboy hat on and through his merriment and laughter, sung this song:

Yes you’re all gonna miss me, The way you used to quiz me, But soon I’ll touch the brown, brown grass of home.

I spent my days clearing brush
I clear my head of all the fuss
But the fuss you made over harriet and brownie
Down the lane I look and here comes Scooter
Finally free of the prosecutor


And then I wait and look around me
At the oval walls that surround me
I realize I was only dreaming
For there’s Condi and Dick, my old compadre,
Talking to me about some oil rich Saudi,
But soon I’ll touch the brown brown grass of home.”


That old White house is behind me,
I am once again carefree,
Don’t have to worry ’bout a crisis in Pyongyang.
Down the lane I look, Dick Cheney is strolling
With documents he’d been withholding,
It’s good to touch the brown brown grass of home.”

Re-read the song he sang at this black tie dinner. Hear the laughter in his voice and the applause he received after this performance and then ask yourself, is this what America really stands for?

We should never forget.

[Thank you Kathy H.]

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The U.S. military lost 190,000 weapons in Iraq

Last October, a weapons audit requested by U.S. Sen. John Warner of Virginia found that the Pentagon had not properly tracked the weapons that U.S. forces were handing out to Iraqi security forces as part of the train-and-equip program. At least 14,000 weapons were simply absent from DoD’s inventory books. Hundreds of thousands of additional serial numbers weren’t recorded, making tracking that much more difficult.

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Congress needs to hold Cheney accountable

President Bush let Scooter Libby, the one man who was convicted for the lies around the Iraq war, go free.

And the obstruction of justice doesn’t stop there. The Senate recently subpoenaed documents from the Vice President’s office around the illegal wiretapping program and so far he has not complied. It’s clear this administration thinks it’s above the law. That’s un-American, and I think it’s time for Congress to hold them accountable.

I just signed a petition urging Congress to force Vice President Cheney to respond to its subpoenas. If he doesn’t, Congress has to begin impeachment proceedings against him. Can you join me by clicking the link below?

Sign the Petition


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Where ever will Bush go when he finally leaves D.C.?

Near the very end of 2008 there’s little doubt that there will be Secret Service-escorted caravans of moving vans heading out of D.C. on its way to Crawford, Texas; taking the ex-president home with all of his belongings except perhaps one. His personal responsibility.

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Bush and Rumsfeld ‘knew about Abu Ghraib’

The two-star Army General who led the first military investigation into human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq has bluntly questioned the integrity of former US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, suggesting he misled the US Congress by downplaying his own prior knowledge of what had happened.

Major General Antonio Taguba also claimed in an interview with The New Yorker magazine published yesterday that President George Bush also “had to be aware” of the atrocities despite saying at the time of the scandal that he had been out of the loop until he saw images in the US media.

When Dollars Trump Compassion

June 19, 2007

You won’t see these stories on television, but Marian Wright Edelman and Dr. Irwin Redlener could talk to you all day and all night about children whose lives have been lost or ruined because they didn’t have health insurance.

Newly empowered US Democrats draw wrath of voters

U.S. voters [are] upset with its failure to quickly deliver on a promise to end the Iraq war occupation.

Can you blame them?

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The General’s Report

How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties.

By Seymour M. Hersh
The New Yorker
25 June 2007 Issue

Taguba said that he saw “a video of a male American soldier in uniform sodomizing a female detainee.”

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I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose

We Were Both Doing Our Duty.

What exactly is a father’s duty when his son is sent into harm’s way?

Andrew Bacevich

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Protect government watchdogs from politics

Washington’s in-house inspectors general often fall victim to the officials they investigate.

By Clark Kent Ervin, the director of the Homeland Security Initiative at the Aspen Institute and the author of “Open Target: Where America is Vulnerable to Attack.”

STUART W. BOWEN JR.’S job is to investigate alleged waste, fraud and mismanagement of the U.S. tax dollars being used to rebuild Iraq. He’s done that job so well that he is himself under investigation.

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Don’t Blame Bush

May 18, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

I’ve been looking at the race for the Republican presidential nomination, and I’ve come to a disturbing conclusion: maybe we’ve all been too hard on President Bush. (more…)

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The President and Wolfowitz

May 17, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

As Paul Wolfowitz is to the World Bank, the U.S. is becoming to the world. (more…)

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The joys of the Jane Fonda junket

Thanks, Jane, for a great week!

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Coulter Voter Fraud News

AP says: Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has been cleared of allegations that she falsified her Palm Beach County voter’s registration and voted illegally — this, after a high-level FBI agent made unsolicited phone calls to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to vouch for Coulter.

Bradblog: FBI Agent who interceded in Ann Coulter Voter Fraud case alleged to be her former boyfriend

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Thousands of Nuclear Arms Workers See Cancer Claims Denied or Delayed

Walter McKenzie’s assignment toward the end of the Cold War was to mop up after mishaps at a nuclear weapons factory. With a crew of other laborers from rural Georgia, he swabbed away leaks and spills inside the secret buildings, until one day his body became so contaminated with radiation that alarms at the factory went off as he passed.

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Cincinnati Restaurateur Jeff Ruby Denies OJ Simpson Service

That’s a Cincinnatian for you!

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Most Katrina Aid From Overseas Went Unclaimed

…the U.S. government was turning down many allies’ offers of manpower, supplies and expertise worth untold millions of dollars. Eventually the United States also would fail to collect most of the unprecedented outpouring of international cash assistance for Katrina’s victims.

Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far…

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FDA Was Aware of Dangers To Food

Outbreaks Were Not Preventable, Officials Say

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The Accomplices: Sundance George and Butch Reid and the Virginia Tech Massacre

He had accomplices. Don’t kid yourself: 23-year-old Cho Seung-hui didn’t forge his two little pistols in his smithy shop.

by Greg Palast

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Bushies remember they can’t recall

WASHINGTON — The oldest legal dodge in the political witness testimony game is to simply say, “I can’t remember.” The Bush administration did not invent this hoary old practice, but his chosen few have certainly elevated the claim of bad memory to new extremes. This transparent verbal duck has become so blatant that it is a major factor in the Bush presidency’s collapse of credibility.

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Congress Repeatedly Asked Pentagon for Delayed Report on Iraqi Readiness

Despite repeated requests from a House committee chairman and government investigators, the Pentagon has failed to hand over its official assessments of the readiness of US-trained Iraqi security units to take over key functions from the US military.

“Congress must have this information in order to carry out its constitutional oversight responsibilities,” Representative Ike Skelton of Missouri, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said in a letter.

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GAO Faults U.S. Military Over Munitions in Iraq

Report Says Insurgents Took Unsecured Explosives

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Rise of a Very ‘Loyal Bushie’

Perhaps the best way to understand what the controversy about the eight fired U.S. Attorneys is all about is to follow the career trajectory of one of their replacements.

In Little Rock, the Bush administration pushed out a staunch Republican who had a reputation for professionalism and fairness — and replaced him with a lawyer whose principal experience is making sure that Republicans win elections. The interim U.S. Attorney in Little Rock, J. Timothy Griffin, has been carefully groomed as a “loyal Bushie” since his days in law school.

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Pet Food Company Knew Of Deadly Problem Weeks Before Recall Issued

In Tests Of Food After Complaints, As Many As 1 In 6 Animals Died; Cause Still A Mystery

A Chicago woman sued Menu Foods on Tuesday, alleging the pet food manufacturer delayed announcing a recall of 60 million containers of dog and cat food despite knowing its products were contaminated and potentially deadly.

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Bush loyalists: Blame firings on Clinton

If it achieves nothing else, the Bush administration’s solitary contribution to the art of governance may be its creative use of what TV comic Stephen Colbert calls “truthiness”.

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Attorney Scandal Without Precedent

CRS Report Reveals Audacity of Dismissals

The CRS report identifies six other U.S. Attorneys who resigned during the 25-year period who were implicated in news reports of “questionable conduct.”

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Republican RICO-Style Abuse of Power

George W. Bush is rejecting Democratic calls for sworn testimony by his White House inner circle about the unusual firings of eight U.S. Attorneys who were viewed as not “loyal Bushies.” But what might Democrats find if the officials did testify openly and under oath? Stephen Crockett suggests that underlying Bush’s resistance to a full investigation is evidence of longstanding criminality that borders on racketeering.

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Four Years And The Suspects Are Still At Large?

There ought to be some kind of American federal criminal statute for fabricating the reasons for war, as well as completely mismanaging the same war — a war which has produced nearly 30,000 American casualties — then brazenly resisting honorable and proven exit strategies while lying about the progress of the war when it’s clear that the cause is lost.

If there is, in fact, a federal law against these things, then why hasn’t it been enforced?

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Blair, Bush could face probe at The Hague

Tony Blair could face the prospect of an International Criminal Court investigation for alleged coalition war crimes in Iraq.

The court’s chief prosecutor said at the weekend that he would be willing to launch an inquiry and could envisage a scenario in which the British Prime Minister and US President George Bush could one day face charges at The Hague.

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An Awful Legacy of Bush 41

Joe Conason

Someday, historians will wonder why the highest officials in the Bush Justice Department believed that they could inflict heavy-handed political abuse on federal prosecutors—and get away with it. The punishment of the eight dismissed U.S. Attorneys betrays a strong sense of impunity in the White House, as if the President and his aides assumed that nobody would complain about these outrages or attempt to hold them accountable.

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The Case for Pardoning Libby

…start piling up all the lies told by this Administration in advancing its war in Iraq. Rank them in importance. Where would you put Scooter Libby’s unconvincing faulty memory about who told what to whom about Valerie Plame Wilson? Not very high, I think.

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Leahy Says He’ll Subpoena Rove, Discusses Potential Crimes Involved In Attorney Purge

Wednesday on CNN’s Situation Room, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) blew off White House signals that Karl Rove and other senior Bush officials may resist testifying before Congress on the U.S. Attorney purge.

“Frankly, I don’t care whether [White House Counsel Fred Fielding] says he’s going to allow people or not. We’ll subpoena the people we want,” Leahy said. “If they want to defy the subpoena, then you get into a stonewall situation I suspect they don’t want to have.” Asked whether he’ll subpoena Rove, Leahy answered, “Yes. He can appear voluntarily if he wants. If he doesn’t, I will subpoena him.”

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‘Mistakes’ Made on Prosecutors, Gonzales Says

‘Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales insisted that he would not resign, but said, “I acknowledge that mistakes were made here.”

‘Loyalty’ Was Factor in Prosecutors’ Firings, E-Mail Shows

A Favorite Fallback for Foulups: ‘Mistakes Were Made’

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Why Libby’s Pardon Is a Slam Dunk

March 11, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

EVEN by Washington’s standards, few debates have been more fatuous or wasted more energy than the frenzied speculation over whether President Bush will or will not pardon Scooter Libby. Of course he will.

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An Open Letter To Congress, from a Concerned Citizen

by Ward Reilly
Dear Members of Congress,

Greetings from a common United States citizen. I am an Infantry veteran, having volunteered for the military from 1971 to 1974, and I grew up during the Viet Nam era, the most tumultuous time in our history, until now.

I write to you today in regards to the elections on November 7, 2006, and about how you must now save our nation.

On election day, we, the voting citizens of your nation, your boss, ordered you to stop the war in Iraq, and to do it now. We handed you our power, THE power, to do a job.

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Wrong Is Right

February 19, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

Many people are perplexed by the uproar over Senator Hillary Clinton’s refusal to say, as former Senator John Edwards has, that she was wrong to vote for the Iraq war resolution. Why is it so important to admit past error? And yes, it was an error — she may not have intended to cast a vote for war, but the fact is the resolution did lead to war; she may not have believed that President Bush would abuse the power he was granted, but the fact is he did. (more…)

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The Real Patriots

February 19, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

If we could manage to get past the tedious and the odious — like the empty speculation on whether a woman can win, or whether Barack Obama is black enough — we might be able to engage the essential issue facing the U.S. at this point in our history.

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Democratic senator looks to revoke Bush’s 2002 Iraq authority

Biden argues that since “the WMD were not there” and “Saddam Hussein is no longer there,” the “2002 authorization is no longer relevant to the situation in Iraq.”

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CIA interrogator jailed over prisoner death

A FORMER CIA contractor has been sentenced to eight years and four months in prison today for assaulting an Afghan prisoner who later died.

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Off the Hook

Those expecting Vice President Dick Cheney to explain his role in the outing of Valerie Plame and the cooking of pre-war intelligence will be disappointed, David Corn reports. Neither Cheney nor Libby will testify in a trial that now promises to end not with a bang but a whimper.

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Members of Congress on Troop Escalation in Iraq

ThinkProgress is tracking where every member of Congress stands on troop escalation in Iraq — but they need our help. Please take one of the following actions and report back using the form here.1. Submit a Press Clip: Locate a quote in a reliable news source where your member clearly states their position on escalation. Submit a link to the clip using the form here.

2. Call Your Members of Congress: Dial the Capitol switchboard at 800-614-2803 and ask to be connected to your member of Congress. Once you’re connected to your member’s office, ask their position on escalation and report their response using the form here.

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Cheney Tangles With Agency on Secrecy

An important legal ruling is pending over Vice President Cheney’s refusal to disclose statistics on document classification and declassification activity.

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How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq.

And watched it vanish

Special flights brought in tonnes of banknotes which disappeared into the war zone

What? Don’t tax dollars grow on trees in America?

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Will Democrats Finally Play Hardball?

The Republicans outmaneuvered the Democrats again in blocking a Senate debate on a mildly worded non-binding resolution criticizing George W. Bush’s Iraq War escalation.

But the Democrats have other areas where they could exercise oversight and demand accountability from senior White House officials.

For instance, if Plame-gate special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald doesn’t indict Vice President Dick Cheney in a criminal cover-up, the time may have come for hardball congressional hearings on Cheney’s role — and Bush’s.

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House Panel Questions Monitoring of Cash Shipped to Iraq

A House committee report on Tuesday questioned whether some of the billions of dollars in cash shipped to Iraq after the American invasion — mostly in huge, shrink-wrapped stacks of $100 bills — might have ended up with the insurgent groups now battling American troops.

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In the Land of Our (Founding) Fathers


By Bernard Weiner

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