Former aide blames Bush for leak deceit

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan blames President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for efforts to mislead the public about the role of White House aides in leaking the identity of a CIA operative.

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Dick Cheney’s Sadistic Passion for Shooting Tame Animals

Dick Cheney just spent a day shooting up pen-raised birds. Some hunters liken the sport — killing tame animals that offer no resistance — to having sex with a blow-up doll.

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Who Really Took Over During That Colonoscopy


Published: July 29, 2007

THERE was, of course, gallows humor galore when Dick Cheney briefly grabbed the wheel of our listing ship of state during the presidential colonoscopy last weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts. A once-durable staple of 21st-century American humor is in its last throes. We have a new surrogate president now. Sic transit Cheney. Long live David Petraeus!

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Act On Impeachment, Now

The Constitution states that the president and vice president can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

by Mary Ellen Marino

If we do not impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, we establish that it is permissible for future presidents and vice presidents to deceive Congress and the public into futile wars, engage in widespread illegal spying on Americans, detain prisoners without charge, engage in torture, operate in secrecy and re fuse to execute laws passed by Congress.

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Plame’s lawsuit in leak case dismissed

The former CIA operative, Valerie Plame, has lost a lawsuit that demanded money from Vice-President Dick Cheney and other Bush administration officials whom she blamed for leaking her secret agency identity.

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Cheney Suppressed Evidence in California Energy Crisis

In-depth investigation shows how Vice President Dick Cheney pressured federal energy regulators to conceal evidence of widespread market manipulation by energy companies during the California electricity crisis in 2001.

By Jason Leopold

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How to create an Angry American


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Cheney’s Long-Lost Twin

Published: July 19, 2007

The U.S. vice president and Iranian president, each the No. 2 in his country, certainly seem to be working together to create conflict between the two nations. Theirs may be the oddest and perhaps most dangerous partnership in the world today.

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Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran

· Military solution back in favour as Rice loses out
· President ‘not prepared to leave conflict unresolved’

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Bush Has Photos of Pelosi

By David Swanson

Bush has photos of Pelosi doing… WHAT?

Here’s the situation Nancy Pelosi finds herself in. A full 54% of Americans and 76% of Democrats want Dick Cheney impeached. Cheney’s 13% favorability makes him the least popular president or vice president ever. The Washington Post reports that Republicans are turning against Cheney. By failing to act, the Democratic Congress has made itself less popular than Bush.

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Why Are Dems Such Cowards on Impeachment?

Democrats do nothing, thereby themselves thwarting the Constitution and allowing to stand the idea that impeachment is appropriate when a President lies about his sex life but not when a Vice President operates entirely outside of the law.

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Libby judge ‘perplexed’ by clemency

His 30-month sentence was appropriate for the former Cheney aide, he writes in his first public comments on the issue.

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Senate panel moves to cut off funding for Cheney in flap with Dems over executive order

“Neither Mr. Cheney or his staff is above the law or the Constitution,” Durbin said. “For the vice president to believe that he has no responsibility to meet this requirement of the law is a dereliction of duty.”

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Conyers Raises Specter Of Impeachment

Highlights Support For Removing Bush And Cheney

Conyers decried the administration’s stonewalling, adding, “We’re hoping that as the cries for the removal of both Cheney and Bush now reach 46 percent and 58 percent [sic – 54 percent], respectively, for impeachment that we could begin to become a little bit more cooperative, if not amicable, in trying to get to the truth of these matters.”

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Impeach Cheney

Check out this new video from Robert Greenwald to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney… and sign the petition!

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Bush and Cheney walk, too

Even as the president confesses that Scooter Libby engaged in a cover-up — after all, that was the verdict — he completes the ultimate obstruction of justice in the Plame affair.

By Sidney Blumenthal

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Obstruction of Justice, Continued

During the course of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s trial for obstruction of justice and perjury, we learned a lot about his bosses.

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Through the Looking Glass, Darkly

By Dana Milbank
Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.
— Jabberwocky, 1871.

I’m sure that the vice president may have expressed an opinion, but the fact is, the president understands the — and he may have recused himself; I honestly don’t know.
— White House press briefing, yesterday.

Lewis Carroll had nothing on the Bush White House of 2007.

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Olbermann: Bush, Cheney should resign

‘I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job.’I accuse you, Mr. Bush, of lying this country into war.

I accuse you of fabricating in the minds of your own people, a false implied link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11.

I accuse you of firing the generals who told you that the plans for Iraq were disastrously insufficient.

I accuse you of causing in Iraq the needless deaths of 3,586 of our brothers and sons, and sisters and daughters, and friends and neighbors.

I accuse you of subverting the Constitution, not in some misguided but sincerely-motivated struggle to combat terrorists, but to stifle dissent.

I accuse you of fomenting fear among your own people, of creating the very terror you claim to have fought.

I accuse you of exploiting that unreasoning fear, the natural fear of your own people who just want to live their lives in peace, as a political tool to slander your critics and libel your opponents.

I accuse you of handing part of this Republic over to a Vice President who is without conscience, and letting him run roughshod over it.

And I accuse you now, Mr. Bush, of giving, through that Vice President, carte blanche to Mr. Libby, to help defame Ambassador Joseph Wilson by any means necessary, to lie to Grand Juries and Special Counsel and before a court, in order to protect the mechanisms and particulars of that defamation, with your guarantee that Libby would never see prison, and, in so doing, as Ambassador Wilson himself phrased it here last night, of becoming an accessory to the obstruction of justice.

J’accuse aussi!

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Call Out the Instigator

by Cindy Sheehan, Traprock Writers Blog

July 3, 2007

Call out the Instigator
Because there’s something in the air
We got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution’s here
You know it’s right!

Thunderclap Newman

I’m not backing off. I tried to remove myself from the political realm of the US, what BushCo is turning into an Evil Empire, but the blatant audacity of George commuting Scooter’s sentence (he’s not ruling out a full pardon —and you know he will) has dragged me kicking and screaming back in. I can’t sit back and let this BushCo drag our country further down into the murky quagmire of Fascism and violence, taking the rest of the world with them!

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Congress needs to hold Cheney accountable

President Bush let Scooter Libby, the one man who was convicted for the lies around the Iraq war, go free.

And the obstruction of justice doesn’t stop there. The Senate recently subpoenaed documents from the Vice President’s office around the illegal wiretapping program and so far he has not complied. It’s clear this administration thinks it’s above the law. That’s un-American, and I think it’s time for Congress to hold them accountable.

I just signed a petition urging Congress to force Vice President Cheney to respond to its subpoenas. If he doesn’t, Congress has to begin impeachment proceedings against him. Can you join me by clicking the link below?

Sign the Petition


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The Libby Cover-up Completed

What the world is witnessing with George W. Bush’s commutation of the jail sentence for former White House aide I. Lewis Libby is the completion of a four-year-old crime and cover-up — events that implicated both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. By sparing Libby any jail time and dangling the possibility of a future pardon, Bush is making sure that Libby stays mum and the full story behind the leaking of a covert CIA officer’s identity will never be known.

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Unimpeachably Impeachable

The evidence has now grown beyond a reasonable doubt: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have committed impeachable offenses. In this essay, former CIA officer Ray McGovern writes that any lingering doubts in his mind were dispelled by a series in The Washington Post detailing Vice President Cheney’s disdain for the law and the Constitution, with the buck also stopping on President Bush’s desk.

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Bush commutes Libby’s sentence

How low can he go? I thought I was beyond being shocked.  Where will this end?  Opposition party?  Step up!!!  IMPEACH THE LOT OF THEM. NOW!!!!

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When the Vice President Does It, That Means It’s Not Illegal

July 1, 2007

WHO knew that mocking the Constitution could be nearly as funny as shooting a hunting buddy in the face? Among other comic dividends, Dick Cheney’s legal theory that the vice president is not part of the executive branch yielded a priceless weeklong series on “The Daily Show” and an online “Doonesbury Poll,” conducted at Slate, to name Mr. Cheney’s indeterminate branch of government.

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Washington Democrat adds voice to Cheney impeachment drive

A Democratic Congressman from Washington state became the latest Member of Congress to add his voice to the calls for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney.

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The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq

Criminality, Immorality, Incompetence and Desperation

Part Two: Incompetence

Part One: Criminality and Immorality

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Impeach Cheney

The vice president has run utterly amok and must be stopped.
By Bruce Fein

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Congress Needs to Stop Playing in Bush’s Court

There are two ways to look at the growing confrontation between Congress and the White House over access to information.

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Inside a White House in Crisis

with Keith Olbermann and John Dean

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The Misunderestimated Mr. Cheney

The Vice President’s Record of Willfully Violating the Law, And Wrongly Claiming Authority to Do So


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Wacht Am Potomac

A distillation of news from various sources reacting to the journalistic “horse’s head on the pillow” which The Washington Post delivered to Vice President Richard Cheney Sunday through Wednesday of this week.

Polonium On The Potomac Cui Bono Edition
Polonium On The Potomac Part Three
Polonium On The Potomac Part One

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Mark Fiore: Commandments of Secrecy


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Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency

Dick Cheney is the most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of vice president. This series examines Cheney’s largely hidden and little-understood role in crafting policies for the War on Terror, the economy and the environment.

Wednesday: Part 4

Environmental Policy

Dick Cheney steered some of the Bush administration’s most important environmental decisions — easing air pollution controls, opening public parks to snowmobiles and diverting river water from threatened salmon.

Tuesday: Part 3

Dominating Budget Decisions

Working behind the scenes, Dick Cheney has made himself the dominant voice on tax and spending policy, outmaneuvering rivals for the president’s ear.
Sidebar: Expanding Authority for No. 2 Spot
Sidebar: Taking on the Supreme Court Case

Monday: Part 2

Wars and Interrogations

Convinced that the “war on terror” required “robust interrogations” of captured suspects, Dick Cheney pressed the Bush administration to carve out exceptions to the Geneva Conventions.
Sidebar: Cheney on Presidential Power

Sunday: Part 1

Working in the Background

A master of bureaucracy and detail, Cheney exerts most of his influence out of public view.

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Responsibility for Torture and Abu Ghraib: The Post Shows It Goes at Least as Far as the Vice President

Since the Abu Ghraib scandal broke in 2004, there has been widespread speculation that the abuses captured in the shocking photos were more than the work of a few “bad apples.” Historian Alfred McCoy, who has written a history of CIA interrogation practices, noted that the practices at Abu Ghraib, including sensory deprivation and stress positions, came right out of the CIA handbook.

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‘A Different Understanding With the President’

Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency

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A Vice President Without Borders, Bordering on Lunacy

I’ve always thought Cheney was way out there — the most Voldemort-like official I’ve run across. But even in my harshest musings about the vice president, I never imagined that he would declare himself not only above the law, not only above the president, but actually his own dark planet — a separate entity from the White House.

by Maureen Dowd

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If Bush-Cheney Can’t Be Impeached, Nobody Can

Impeachment, like all criminal processes, is designed not just to punish current lawbreakers, but to prevent future criminality.

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Fourth Branch?

Cheney Power Grab: Says White House Rules Don’t Apply to Him

Vice President Dick Cheney has asserted his office is not a part of the executive branch of the U.S. government, and therefore not bound by a presidential order governing the protection of classified information by government agencies, according to a new letter from Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., to Cheney.
Cheney in charge

An executive order commands everyone in the executive branch to report on handling of classified material, but Dick Cheney has not done so since 2002. Keith Olbermann talks with Richard Wolffe of Newsweek. Click to view video

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Agency Is Target in Cheney Fight on Secrecy Data

For four years, Vice President Dick Cheney has resisted routine oversight of his office’s handling of classified information, and when the National Archives unit that monitors classification in the executive branch objected, the vice president’s office suggested abolishing the oversight unit, according to documents released yesterday by a Democratic congressman.

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Dick Cheney Rules

Americans are accustomed to Vice President Dick Cheney’s waiting out a terrorist threat in a “secure undisclosed location.” Now it seems that Mr. Cheney wears the cloak of invisibility in secure disclosed locations.

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Protesters Barred From Cheney’s West Point Speech

A federal appeals court on Friday denied an organization permission to stage an antiwar demonstration on Saturday on the grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where Vice President Dick Cheney is to deliver the commencement address.

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Hang in there, America:

Competent leadership is just 600-plus days away

As of May 17th, there were 613 days left until Jan. 20, 2009, and the end of our long national nightmare as President George W. Bush and his Rasputin, Vice President Dick Cheney, shuffle off to their necessarily well-guarded retirement homes and onto the ash heap of history. (more…)

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Cheney’s Contempt for Thomas Jefferson

One of the principles we hold dear in the United States is freedom of the press–an idea Thomas Jefferson listed in his 1801 Inaugural Address as one of the basic concepts on which this nation was founded

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Cheney’s ‘bad cop’ act in Iraq

What’s really going on (according to CNN).

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Review of Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency

Authors Lou Dubose and Jake Bernstein

Extraordinary Detail That Should Put Cheney in Irons Immediately

Reviewer: Robert D. Steele (Oakton, VA United States)

This book is vastly more detailed, and covers more high crimes and misdemeanors, than either State of Denial, which misunderstands Bush as being in charge, or Crossing the Rubicon, which focuses primarily on Cheney’s role in first permitting 9-11, and then working assiduously to cover up his malicious malfeasance. See also Ron Susskind’s book, “One Percent Doctrine,” which crucifies Cheney, Rumseld, and Rice. (more…)

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Ex-CIA analyst: Forged ‘yellowcake’ memo ‘leads right back to’ Cheney

A former CIA analyst claims that falsified documents which were meant to show that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein regime had been trying to procure yellowcake uranium from Niger can be traced back to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson Show, Ray McGovern who served in the CIA for twenty-seven years, said, “the [forged] memo leads right back to the doorstep of the Vice President of the United States

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Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq

George J. Tenet said vice president and others pushed the country into war without ever conducting a “serious debate.”

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George McGovern: Cheney is wrong about me, wrong about war

The 1972 presidential nominee strikes back at the vice president for comparing today’s Democrats to the McGovern platform.

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Bush/Cheney Dig in to Win

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney believe they can back down the Democrats over legislative timetables for leaving Iraq — and as a bonus drive a wedge between national Democrats and their anti-war base. But all the political maneuvering in Washington is not likely to change the desperate facts on the ground in Iraq, where the Bush/Cheney military strategies are in dangerous disarray.

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