Bush’s magical shield from criminal prosecution

Glenn Greenwald
The Bush administration decided to announce to Washington Post reporters Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein its view that it has the power to block the Justice Department, and its U.S. Attorneys, from criminally prosecuting Executive Branch employees who refuse to comply with Congressional subpoenas, notwithstanding a statute enacted by the American people through their Congress requiring such prosecution where Congress issues a contempt citation. We do not know who specifically in the administration announced this obviously radical position because the Post courteously granted them a shield of anonymity to hide behind. (more…)

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I Did Have Sexual Relations With That Woman

Published: July 22, 2007

IT’S not just the resurgence of Al Qaeda that is taking us back full circle to the fateful first summer of the Bush presidency. It’s the hot sweat emanating from Washington. Once again the capital is titillated by a scandal featuring a member of Congress, a woman who is not his wife and a rumor of crime.

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Act On Impeachment, Now

The Constitution states that the president and vice president can be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

by Mary Ellen Marino

If we do not impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, we establish that it is permissible for future presidents and vice presidents to deceive Congress and the public into futile wars, engage in widespread illegal spying on Americans, detain prisoners without charge, engage in torture, operate in secrecy and re fuse to execute laws passed by Congress.

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Suit in U.S. Over Murders in Colombia

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 12 — Six years ago, three union leaders were kidnapped and slain in northern Colombia. Now, 2,000 miles away, a federal jury here is being asked to decide whether an Alabama-based coal company, Drummond Ltd., aided in the killings and took sides in Colombia’s decades-old civil war.

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The High Cost of Libby’s Silence

By Amy Goodman

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” says the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Unless, of course, you are a friend of the president. By commuting “Scooter” Libby’s sentence, President Bush is also protecting himself and Vice President Dick Cheney.

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Obstruction of Justice, Continued

During the course of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s trial for obstruction of justice and perjury, we learned a lot about his bosses.

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Soft on Crime

When he commuted the sentence of I. Lewis Libby Jr., President Bush sounded like a man worried about what a former loyalist might say when actually staring into a prison cell.

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Richard Scrushy’s road to prison

Former HealthSouth CEO who beat fraud charges will spend years behind bars for bribery conviction

Richard Scrushy, the rehabilitation king turned TV preacher, is trading his 92-foot yacht for a jailhouse bunk.

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The Bush/Cheney Holocaust in Iraq

Criminality, Immorality, Incompetence and Desperation

Part Two: Incompetence

Part One: Criminality and Immorality

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School to Prison Pipeline

June 9, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

The latest news-as-entertainment spectacular is the Paris Hilton criminal justice fiasco. She’s in! She’s out! She’s — whatever.

Far more disturbing (and much less entertaining) is the way school officials and the criminal justice system are criminalizing children and teenagers all over the country, arresting them and throwing them in jail for behavior that in years past would never have led to the intervention of law enforcement.

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Violent crime increasing in US, FBI reports

The murder rate rose slightly in the United States last year, but the number of robberies skyrocketed by 6 percent, preliminary FBI data released Monday show.

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Four Charged in JFK Airport Terror Plot

Three people were arrested and another was being sought Saturday for allegedly plotting to blow up a fuel line that feeds John F. Kennedy International Airport and runs through residential neighborhoods, authorities said. The plot never got past the planning stages. It posed no threat to air safety or the public, the FBI said Saturday.

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Bilking the Elderly, With a Corporate Assist

Richard Guthrie, 92, was tricked into giving banking data to telephone callers, who then stole money from his account, investigators say

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Anti-Choice Extremist Taunts His Victims From Prison

Victims of Eric Rudolph, the anti-abortion extremist who pulled off a series of bombings across the South, say he is taunting them from deep within the nation’s most secure federal prison, and authorities say there is little they can do to stop him.

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Gonzales proposes new crime:

“Attempted” copyright infringement

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Ex-Senator Injured in Chicago Mugging

Former U.S. senator and presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun suffered a broken wrist when a mugger tried to steal her purse, authorities said Saturday.

Braun, 59, was standing at her front door late Friday when an assailant came out of the bushes and tried to take her purse, said her spokesman, Kevin Lampe. When Braun resisted, the man pulled a knife and cut the strap of the purse.

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A Wise Mugger Always Insists on Proof of Age

April 3, 2007


Any New Yorker with a sliver of decency was disgusted by the recent mugging of a 101-year-old woman, Rose Morat, in the lobby of her Queens apartment building.

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Knight of the Living Dead

Since the release of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s dramatic confessions, moral outrage at the extent of his crimes has been mixed with doubts. Can his claims be trusted?

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Appeal judges draw fire over sex consent

The jury found the defendent guilty of forced intercourse, but not of forcing oral sex.

* Rape verdict rejected after consensual sex act
* Court of Appeal erases criminal record
* State Government to table new rape laws

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Suspect’s arrest eases fears of girl whose dog was beheaded

An arrest and overwhelming kindness from around the world have brought relief and hope to a St. Paul girl.

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Four Years And The Suspects Are Still At Large?

There ought to be some kind of American federal criminal statute for fabricating the reasons for war, as well as completely mismanaging the same war — a war which has produced nearly 30,000 American casualties — then brazenly resisting honorable and proven exit strategies while lying about the progress of the war when it’s clear that the cause is lost.

If there is, in fact, a federal law against these things, then why hasn’t it been enforced?

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Blair, Bush could face probe at The Hague

Tony Blair could face the prospect of an International Criminal Court investigation for alleged coalition war crimes in Iraq.

The court’s chief prosecutor said at the weekend that he would be willing to launch an inquiry and could envisage a scenario in which the British Prime Minister and US President George Bush could one day face charges at The Hague.

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Break-In at Minnesota Dem Headquarters, Laptop Stolen

A laptop computer was stolen Saturday night or early Sunday morning from the office of the Minnesota DFL’s Interim Communications Director, Nick Kimball.

No other computers were taken, and at present it appears Kimball’s laptop was the sole target of the robbery.

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Larry Everest on US Threat to Iran

He is the author of “Oil, Power & Empire”.  See his speech on VIDEO.  Larry and others were arrested after being prevented from entry to the House hearings on more funds for war.

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Food and Punishment

Colorado’s inmates-as-farmworkers plan says plenty about our food culture

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Leahy Says He’ll Subpoena Rove, Discusses Potential Crimes Involved In Attorney Purge

Wednesday on CNN’s Situation Room, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) blew off White House signals that Karl Rove and other senior Bush officials may resist testifying before Congress on the U.S. Attorney purge.

“Frankly, I don’t care whether [White House Counsel Fred Fielding] says he’s going to allow people or not. We’ll subpoena the people we want,” Leahy said. “If they want to defy the subpoena, then you get into a stonewall situation I suspect they don’t want to have.” Asked whether he’ll subpoena Rove, Leahy answered, “Yes. He can appear voluntarily if he wants. If he doesn’t, I will subpoena him.”

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Democrats Kill Democracy…

…and Protect a Criminal Presidency in New Mexico

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War and Liquor a Perilous Mix for U.S. Troops

Strictly forbidden by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan, alcohol is involved in a growing number of crimes committed by troops.

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He Befriended a Serial Killer, and Opened the Door to God

March 11, 2007
This Land


The big wall clock tells the minister he has less than an hour before tonight’s Bible class down at the church. No time for supper.

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Burglary at NH Democratic headquarters

No, you’re not having a flashback to 1972 and the infamous event that ultimately led to the greatest scandal in U.S. political history and the downfall of Richard Nixon’s presidency.

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Mom Admits Telling Kids to Fake Retardation

An American woman admitted she coached her two children to fake retardation so she could collect welfare payments.

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Happened across a news site and seeing these two stories right on top of each other caused me to stop and wonder what influenced each of them in the paths they chose.

Police try to determine if two armed robberies are related

(Wallingford-WTNH) _ The two robberies happened just hours apart in Rocky Hill and Wallingford

Fallen East Hartford soldier

(East Hartford-WTNH, Feb. 23, 2007 5:20 PM) _ Flags around the state are flying at half-staff for Connecticut’s latest casualty of war. Forty-year old Army Sergeant Richard Ford died from combat injuries on Tuesday.

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