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Thanks to the support of thousands of generous donors we are now able to offer the download of the Kennedy/Palast investigative comic “Steal Back Your Vote!” for free.

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Thanks to the support of thousands of generous donors we are now able to offer the download of the Kennedy/Palast investigative comic “Steal Back Your Vote!” for free.

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Conyers Slams Gonzales’ Deputy Over Voter Caging

Congressman John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, grilled Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty on voter caging. Conyers forced McNulty to reveal that he had, in his original briefing papers, an article by Greg Palast about the attack on Black voters yet did nothing about it.

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US Attorney Resigns Following Conyers’ Request for BBC Documents

by Greg Palast
June 1, 2007

Tim Griffin, formerly right hand man to Karl Rove, resigned Thursday as US Attorney for Arkansas hours after BBC Television ‘Newsnight’ reported that Congressman John Conyers requested the network’s evidence on Griffin’s involvement in ‘caging voters.’ Greg Palast, reporting for BBC Newsnight, obtained a series of confidential emails from the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign. In these emails, Griffin, then the GOP Deputy Communications Director, transmitted so-called ‘caging lists’ of voters to state party leaders.

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RFK: Rove And Rove’s Brain, ‘Should Be In Jail,’ Not In Office

Voting rights attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called for prison time for the new US Attorney for Arkansas, Timothy Griffin and investigation of Griffin’s former boss, Karl Rove, chief political advisor to President Bush.

by Greg Palast

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Hillary’s Mother-F’ing Tour Business

Before his untimely death in a plane crash, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown said, “I’m not Hillary’s mother-f****** tour guide!”

by Greg Palast

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U.S. Media Have Lost the Will to Dig Deep

A changed news culture has let several important investigative stories slip through the cracks.

By Greg Palast
April 27, 2007

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Rove Tries to Bury Sordid Secrets of a White House Gone Wild

The House Judiciary Committee just released two emails, dated February 5 and 7, from inside Karl Rove’s office, in which the Rove-bots gloat that no US media have picked up the investigations of “that British reporter Greg Palast” found in my book Armed Madhouse. I couldn’t make this up.

Greg Palast

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The Accomplices: Sundance George and Butch Reid and the Virginia Tech Massacre

He had accomplices. Don’t kid yourself: 23-year-old Cho Seung-hui didn’t forge his two little pistols in his smithy shop.

by Greg Palast

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New Orleans: Big Easy to Big Empty

The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans

Greg Palast

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The Baker Boys: stay half the course. Iraq Study Group or Saudi Protection League?

Greg Palast

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Harper’s: Baghdad Coup D’État For Big Oil

Greg Palast

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