Fox News refers to Michelle Obama as `Baby Mama’

The graphic “Outraged liberals: Stop picking on Obama’s baby mama” was flashed during an interview with conservative columnist Michelle Malkin about whether Barack Obama’s wife has been the target of unfair criticism.

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Bush reign empty of moral values

Democrats and Republicans and Washington media walk on eggshells when characterizing the reprehensible conduct and policies of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. They dodge using accurate, more descriptive words that’re commonplace among ordinary folks outside the nation’s capital.

Such as “liars.”

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Four Myths Government and Media Use to Scare Us About ‘Dictators’

Fog Facts: The Bush White House calls Iran’s President Ahmadinejad a “dictator” when he isn’t — part of scaring the public into thinking preemptive war is a good thing.

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Small Outposts of Besieged Values

Will Murdoch destroy the Journal? Will he undermine the paper’s values and call that “investment”?

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Guessing Murdoch’s Strategy for The Journal


So now what?

Since the News Corporation’s offer for Dow Jones & Company was made public three months ago, Rupert Murdoch’s business career, character and motives have been dissected in an effort to predict what he might do as the owner of The Wall Street Journal.

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Kos Member goes after Falafel Bill

After O’Reilly provided an “accountability moment” to the JetBlue CEO at his home, I decided to provide O’Reilly with his own accountability moment at his home.

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Murdoch’s Crackpot Minion

By Joe Conason

“In truth, the [“netroots” progressive]bloggers share the values of most Americans, who also want to end the war in Iraq, establish universal health insurance, reduce global warming, increase the minimum wage and preserve Social Security. It is the ideologues such as Messrs. O’Reilly and Kristol whose opposition to those values locates them on the fringe, despite their loud megaphones and corporate backing. And what Murdoch bullies prove whenever they try to stigmatize the citizen bloggers is how much they fear a fair (and balanced) fight.

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Conservatives Refuse To Appear On Fox News To Publicly Defend Gonzales

On Fox News Sunday this morning, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) refused to defend Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against accusations that he may have perjured himself before Congress. “It’s very damaging…we badly need an attorney general who is above any question,” said Gingrich.

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As Bad As Bush

The Iraq fiasco provides few opportunities for mirth. But one is watching Fred Hiatt, czar of the Washington Post editorial page, try to kick up enough dust to wriggle out of his own position on the war.

By Josh Marshall

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Further Politicization of the U.S. Military’s Public Statements

“The Bush administration has long used the Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys and Rich Lowrys and Brit Humes and other ideologically loyal minions as their primary interviewers and vessels for message dissemination, and this is now clearly the U.S. military’s media strategy as well. There is nothing in the Bush administration that is not politicized from top to bottom.”

by Glenn Greenwald

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Taking Apart Bill O’Reilly’s Shoddy Journalism

On Monday night, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly aired a segment full of misleading, inaccurate claims attacking the upcoming YearlyKos blogger convention, its namesake DailyKos, and one of the event’s sponsors, JetBlue. In his “report,” O’Reilly cherry-picked an extreme minority of reader comments and diaries from the hundreds of thousands on DailyKos, claiming them to be representative of the community website and the greater netroots movement that will be gathering in Chicago on Aug. 2-5, 2007, for the progressive convention. Calling the netroots “the radical left” and DailyKos “hatemongerers” like “the Ku Klux Klan” and “the Nazi Party,” O’Reilly compared YearlyKos to “a David Duke convention,” calling it “one of the worst examples of hatred America has to offer”.” O’Reilly’s segment, which has been latched on to by his ideological allies in the conservative blogosphere, is an attempt to discredit a movement that “each day” is having “more impact” on America’s political discourse while “helping to renew our democracy.” O’Reilly’s preemptive attack on the convention is a testament to the fact that the netroots are not a “nutroots” fringe movement as critics would like to characterize it, but rather a snapshot of energized progressive activists agitating for change in America.

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How the News Works


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CNN Throws in Towel, Admits to Two Errors, and States That All ‘Sicko’ Facts Are True to Their Source (or something like that)…

Moore Realizes All This is Huge Distraction and Then Spends More Precious Time Thanking Paris Hilton for Seeing ‘Sicko’… Meanwhile, More than 300 Americans Die Because They Had No Health Insurance During the 8-Day Gupta-Moore War…

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An Open Letter to CNN from Michael Moore

“I’m about to become your worst nightmare.”

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Right turns on New York Times

Conservative US papers yesterday condemned what they described as “appeasement” the day after the New York Times finally came out and called for the withdrawal of US troops.

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Sicko Reality

CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore
“Just apologize to the American people and to the families of the troops for not doing your job four years ago. We wouldn’t be in this war if you had done your job. Come on. Just admit it. Just apologize to the American people.” — Michael Moore, live on The Situation Room
‘SiCKO’ Truth Squad Sets the Record Straight: CNN vs. THE FACTS

“If we get that confirmed, obviously, we’ll correct the record.” — Wolf Blitzer, live on The Situation Room

‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ is Right (VIDEO) — Douglas Brinkley, U.S. Historian and director of the Theodore Roosevelt Center for American Civilization

Demand an apology from CNN for Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s biased report on ‘SiCKO’ and for helping the Bush administration lie us into a pointless war.

Commenting on the Commentaries

AlterNet | Brad Blog | Crooks and Liars | Daily Kos | Eschaton | Huffington Post | Raw Story

Where can I see the film?” | “What can I do?

Mike on T.V.: Part Two with Wolf Blitzer | Mike With Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Larry King Live | The Daily Show (Rerun)

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CNN “Reality Check” That Got Michael Moore Fired Up

Here is Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Sicko Reality Check” segment that preceded Michael Moore’s heated interview with The Beard, on CNN.

Download (5199) | Play (5729) Download (2428) | Play (3924)

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How the U.S. Media Loved the War

Anti-war optimists cite the Iraq War skepticism in today’s U.S. news media as a sign George W. Bush’s militarist policies are in trouble. But what does it say about these Big Media journalists that they would go with the pro-Bush flow until the public-opinion tide turned? In this essay, media critic Norman Solomon offers a looks back.

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Give progressive radio a chance in Cincinnati

Last month the Center for American Progress published a report confirming what many progressive radio listeners already knew: There are nine hours of conservative talk radio for every one hour of progressive talk on the public airwaves. Conservative talkers and Republicans in Congress began screaming that the Democrats were trying to take right-wing talkers off the air. They claimed the report was advocating a return to the Fairness Doctrine, a long-repealed requirement for equal time on the airwaves. Both claims are blatantly false.


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Ignoring the Constitution, lying, hypocrisy?

Yes, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Rosa Brooks

The media’s Stockholm syndrome finally seems to be wearing off.

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Will the Press Idiocy Ever Stop?

The U.S. political press corps distorted the Bush-Gore presidential race of 2000 by repeatedly misquoting Al Gore to transform the Vice President into a delusional braggart. This dishonest media coverage influenced the votes of millions of Americans and set the stage for the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush. Yet, the apocryphal quotes — such as Gore supposedly saying “I invented the Internet” — live on.

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Wall Street Journal reporters protest possible sale

Wall Street Journal reporters skipped work Thursday morning to demonstrate the need for editorial independence as owner Dow Jones & Co. weighs a $5 billion offer from Rupert Murdoch, the employees’ union said.

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The Murdoch Factor

by Paul Krugman

In October 2003, the nonpartisan Program on International Policy Attitudes published a study titled “Misperceptions, the media and the Iraq war.” It found that 60 percent of Americans believed at least one of the following: clear evidence had been found of links between Iraq and Al Qaeda; W.M.D. had been found in Iraq; world public opinion favored the U.S. going to war with Iraq.

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Richard Cohen’s brilliant (and unintentional) exposé of our media

The Beltway press’s anger over the tragic plight of Scooter Libby highlights its true allegiances

by Glenn Greenwald
Jun. 19, 2007 | (updated below – updated again)

Richard Cohen’s Washington Post column this morning is a true tour de force in explaining the function of our Beltway media stars.

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O’Reilly Defends His Lack Of Iraq Coverage: Explosions In Iraq ‘Don’t Mean Anything’

Today on his radio show, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said:”Now the reason that CNN and MSNBC do so much Iraq reporting is because they want to embarrass the Bush administration. Both do. And all their reporting consists of is here’s another explosion. Bang. Here’s more people dead. Bang.”

“Do you care if another bomb went off in Tikrit? Does it mean anything? No! It doesn’t mean anything.”

[Thx BXC for picking up my vast amounts of slack] 

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Major time imbalances pointed to in CNN-moderated Democratic debate

A chart published by the Presidential campaign of Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) indicated a major imbalance in the time allotted to different Democratic hopefuls by CNN broadcaster Wolf Blitzer

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A New Silent Majority

Our Lives as Atoms
May 23, 2007, 6:11 pm

By Mark Buchanan

Something seems a little out of whack between the mainstream media and the American people. Take the arguments of the past few days over former President Jimmy Carter’s remarks about the Bush administration and the consequences of its particular brand of foreign policy. Carter didn’t attack President Bush personally, but said that “as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history,” which can’t really be too far out of line with what many Americans think.

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Words That Wound the Working Mother

Judith Warner
Domestic Disturbances
May 24, 2007, 6:45 pm

The story of Madeleine McCann, the British three-year-old kidnapped from her resort apartment during a family vacation in Portugal, has obsessed the British public and media for the past three weeks. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, Simon Cowell from “American Idol” and Virgin founder Richard Branson have offered rewards for her return; a Web site has received over 65 million hits; Madeleine’s aunt, Philomena McCann, has reported more than 2,000 responses to a chain e-mail appeal she sent out internationally in the hopes of increasing the odds of a chance sighting of her niece.


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A Photo-Op for Bigotry

My Dear Mr. Dobbs:

Please allow me to begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for you, and think that you’re a highly intelligent, and knowledgeable fellow. Any self-made individual holds a special place in my heart, particularly one who attended a prestigious, and demanding school like Harvard.

Having said that, I must express my dismay, and disappointment, at your failure to acknowledge, and take responsibility for, some dubious numbers that you used (more…)

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Tell Lou Dobbs To Get His Facts Straight

As a member of SPLC, I received the following letter. I am sharing it in it’s entirety. Please take action with me!

Southern Poverty Law Center May 15, 2007

Dear Jennifer,

The increasingly nasty immigration debate, driven by demagogic politicians and right-wing pundits, is stoking the fires of racist extremism — spawning a new breed of well-armed vigilantes and fueling a dramatic growth in hate groups.

Center Urges CNN to Retract False Reporting

Immigration: Getting the Facts Straight

Contact CNN

Unfortunately, mainstream journalists like CNN’s Lou Dobbs are playing a major role in fomenting anti-immigrant hysteria.

Despite being confronted with undisputed evidence to the contrary, Mr. Dobbs says he stands “100 percent behind” the claim that there have been 7,000 new cases of leprosy in the U.S. in recent years. What’s more, he has attributed part of the increase to “unscreened illegal immigrants.”

The truth, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is that new leprosy cases peaked in 1985 at 361 and have declined since, even as the number of undocumented immigrants has increased. The source for Dobbs’ outrageous leprosy claim is an anti-immigration zealot who once publicly stated that “most” Latino immigrant men “molest girls under 12, although some specialize in boys, and some in nuns.” (more…)

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Lou Dobbs Goes Postal On Pastor

Watch the video

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CBS VP On Firing General Batiste:

‘The Viewer Might Have The Feeling Everything He Says Is Anti-Bush’

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Truth hurts the self-image of a Demagogue

Bill O v. Bill M

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Everybody Hates Don Imus

April 15, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

FAMILIAR as I am with the warp speed of media, I was still taken aback by the velocity of Don Imus’s fall after he uttered an indefensible racist and sexist slur about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Even in that short span, there’s been an astounding display of hypocrisy, sanctimony and self-congratulation from nearly every side of the debate, starting with Al Sharpton, who has yet to apologize for his leading role in the Tawana Brawley case, the 1980s racial melee prompted by unproven charges much like those that soiled the Duke lacrosse players. (more…)

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Signs of Infection

April 16, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist
Signs of Infection

People in positions of great power are the ones who define those who are relatively lacking in power. So when Don Imus, a very powerful radio personality, dropped his disgusting verbal bomb on the members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team, he sent a powerful message across the airwaves: that the young women on the team (the black ones, at least) were crude, ugly and genetically inferior, and that all of the women were whores. (more…)

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Flying Solo Past the Point of No Return

For a few days, it seemed as if Don Imus would somehow pull out of the death spiral. (more…)

Right Wing Uses Cropped Photo To Downplay Size Of Iraq Protest

Conservatives are denying reality.

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McCain’s Mirage

John McCain takes a brief walk on a Baghdad street, surrounded by one hundred American troops for protection, with military helicopters flying above him for protection, and attacks the media for not reporting the good news about the surge?

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As An Embedded First-Hand Witness in Iraq…

I Want to Share Stories the American Public is Not Aware of and the Mainstream Media is Not Telling

Iraqi American Sami Rasouli was a well-known restaurateur in Minneapolis. In 2004, in the midst of the war and occupation – three decades after leaving Iraq – he returned to his home country to help it recover from the war and U.S. occupation. Rasouli has spent much of his time in the Shiite holy city of Najaf where he was born. He also helped establish the Muslim Peacemaker Team.

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As An Embedded First-Hand Witness in Iraq…

I Want to Share Stories the American Public is Not Aware of and the Mainstream Media is Not Telling

Iraqi American Sami Rasouli was a well-known restaurateur in Minneapolis. In 2004, in the midst of the war and occupation – three decades after leaving Iraq – he returned to his home country to help it recover from the war and U.S. occupation. Rasouli has spent much of his time in the Shiite holy city of Najaf where he was born. He also helped establish the Muslim Peacemaker Team.

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Coldhearted White House Only Warm For Snow

Mar. 27, 2007

Press Secretary Tony Snow has cancer, and the White House is very worried about that. Fine. They’re always disingenuous, but it’s fine with me. Snow’s health troubles don’t change all he’s done. I don’t take pleasure in a bastard’s suffering, but he’s still a bastard.

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The Many Man-Crushes of Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is not known as a particularly right-wing television talk-show host nor, by the standards of the profession, a particularly foolish one.

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Washington Post Prints New Wilson/Plame Attack

The Washington Post’s editorial page continues its extraordinary assault on two private American citizens, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his ex-CIA agent wife Valerie Plame. The latest attack is a rehash of long discredited smears published in a column by right-wing pundit Robert Novak, albeit with a new twist. Novak indicates that powerful Republicans are now gunning for CIA Director Michael Hayden because he exploded their myth about Plame’s covert status.

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U.S. News Media’s ‘War on Gore’

As former Vice President Al Gore returned to Capitol Hill to seek urgent action on global warming, it was hard to ignore the question of what might have been if the U.S. news media had not waged a “war on Gore” during Campaign 2000. That hostility opened the door for George W. Bush to snake away with the White House in 2001. The U.S. press corps disparaged Gore again in 2002 when he warned about the danger of invading Iraq.

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RJ Eskow: The Times Misleads On Prosecutorgate “News” And Presents Facts As Opinion

Is New York Times reporter David Stout incapable of performing basic research, or is he parroting Administration talking points in today’s article on Prosecutorgate? That’s not a rhetorical question. His article distorts the context for Congressional requests for testimony. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the the Times simple factual assertions are being presented as editorial opinion.

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Plame-gate: Time to Fire WPost’s Hiatt

The Washington Post’s editorial page parroted George W. Bush’s lies in the run-up to the Iraq War and has continued to carry White House water in the years since. Even recently, the Post’s editorials have disparaged former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose CIA wife Valerie Plame was outed by Bush officials. Now with a congressional hearing establishing key facts about Plame’s CIA duties, the Post’s editorials stand fully exposed. Is it time finally to demand accountability from the Post and the firing of editorial page editor Fred Hiatt?

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CNN Bars Candidate From Debate, Censorship Charged

US Senator Mike Gravel spoke at the DNC winter meeting standing next to Howard Dean and was at the Nevada candidate’s forum with Hillary Clinton, Edwards and the others and he’s been invited to ABC’s debates, but CNN has barred former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel from their New Hampshire debate, without giving a reason.

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WaPo Editorial Fantasyland

In a normal world, the Washington Post’s editorial-page editors would be ashamed of themselves for having swallowed George W. Bush’s Iraq War propaganda whole and for helping to mislead the American people into a disastrous war. Instead, the Post’s editors continue to recycle old lies about Iraq War critic Joseph Wilson. It’s as if they think they have the power to alter reality simpy on their say-so.

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Laura Bush: Much Of Iraq Is ‘Stable’

Video: There’s Just ‘One Bombing A Day That Discourages Everybody’

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Did David Broder “prop up” the Bush presidency?

There are actually countless examples where previously unchallenged national journalists have been confronted by the work of bloggers, and one such incident occurred yesterday when The Washington Post’s David Broder hosted an “online chat” and one of the questioners read from a post I wrote critiquing Broder’s column yesterday.

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