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Been looking for a direct way to help Obama win? You should know about Vote

Today Ohio.


http://www.actblue.com/page/votetodayohio>It’s a simple, grassroots plan to take advantage of a new wrinkle in Ohio’s

election law. For one “Golden Week,” Sept 29 to Oct 6, any Ohio citizen can

walk into an early voting center, register, AND vote on the spot. During

that time, hundreds of Vote Today Ohio volunteers will blanket the state to

drive new voters from campuses and urban hot spots to Early Vote centers.

Simple, targeted, smart. (See below for a more complete explanation.)

If fully funded, we think we can bank 10,000 early votes for Obama in Ohio –

votes that can’t be lost to long lines, broken machines and Republican

tampering on election day. No, we won’t win the election by ourselves. But

Ohio is the #1 battleground state in 2008, and we can’t afford to let one

single Obama vote slip through our hands.

*If you want Obama to win as much as I do, you can do four things:*



*1. Lend us your car or home*. Our volunteers need wheels to drive voters to

the polls, and beds to sleep in all over Ohio. Can you spare either for the

week? If so, contact




*2. Volunteer.* Get yourself to Ohio, preferably in a large car, by Sept 28.

We’ll give you housing, training and a meaningful job for the week. Fill out

the Online Sign-Up




(for now) on Tate’s blog.

*3. Donate*. Help us pay for vans, gas and posters. Our overhead is fully

funded, so donations go directly to producing votes. We’re looking for

generous individuals or teams of friends to *sponsor one van* — $750 for

the week. That’s a tangible, meaningful donation. If we run our program

right, each van should deliver about 250 voters. Make an online donation




send a check, see the end of this email.

*4. Spread the word.* Send this email to friends who want to put their butts

on the line for Obama, especially in Ohio! Or, pass it along to donors

looking to make a big difference.

This is a truly grassroots effort. Every volunteer, every vehicle and every

dollar counts. Read up on the campaign below, and then please be in touch if

you have ideas about how to support us.



How to Bank 10,000 Progressive Votes Early and Win in Ohio

Two years ago, Ohio changed its voting laws in a way that creates an

extraordinary opportunity for progressives to win Ohio, and thus the


Vote Today Ohio will use this change to lock down 10,000 progressive votes

before election day — critical insurance against the kinds of GOP dirty

tricks and election day problems that affected our past two presidential


For a 7-day “Golden Week,” from Sept 30 – Oct 6, Ohio residents can walk

into an early voting center, register to vote, and vote on the spot. This

has never been possible before. Why does it matter? Because it takes what is

normally a two-step process (register, wait a month, THEN vote) and turns it

into a one-step process (register AND vote at the same time). For

progressive organizers, that creates a much more efficient way to bring new

voters into the process AND lock down their votes, before they can be

manipulated, stolen or lost.

During this new Golden Week, Vote Today Ohio aims to turn out 10,000

progressive voters from two kinds of locations — college campuses, and

urban gathering spots. The model is simple: teams of five organizers will

drive students / young people from campuses / urban centers to early

votingcenters. Organizers will use music and a party atmosphere to

draw in new

voters — instead of knock and drag, it’s rock and drag.

The Vote Today Ohio model is intentionally experimental. Ohio law has never

allowed progressives to run this kind of program before. So a large part of

the goal is to discover if Ohio’s rule change can be positively exploited

for electoral gain, and whether we can.


Vote Today Ohio is led by a team of experienced political and youth


Amy Little

Political consultant, 30 years experience directing electoral, issue and

civic engagement campaigns, National Field Director US Action (’04

cycle), Senior

Advisor to Congressman John Hall (current)

Billy Wimsatt

Former Executive Director of the League of Young Voters, best-selling

author, networking genius

Tate Hausman

Progressive organizer with a dozen years experience, four national electoral

campaigns, Director of 2004’s Slam Bush campaign

Cristina Moon

Executive Director of 8-8-08 For Burma, well known student organizer and

campus speaker


• 20 Teams = 10,000 votes: Vote Today Ohio will recruit 12 teams of campus

organizers and 8 teams of urban organizers (for a total of 80 organizers).

Most teams will have 5 members — two drivers, two street team organizers,

one team leader. Each team will be responsible for delivering 500 votes for

the week (~72 / day). Total = 10,000 votes.

• Preparation: In the days leading up to early voting week, teams will

plaster their campuses / urban centers with materials about early voting

week. Team leaders will generate publicity in school newspapers, radio

stations, and via online campus channels, Facebook<



• Logistics: During early voting week, teams will set up vote ferry

stations, where students can get a ride to a polling station in a Vote Today

Ohio van. Two drivers will run continuous ferries to and from polling


• Training and GOTV: Each team will be instruct voters on Ohio new voting

rights, rules and regulations. Organizers and van drivers will be given

talking points and coached on how to recruit voters as Early Vote Volunteers

who can then turn out their social networks. Volunteers will also be

re-recruited for continuing persuasion and GOTV activities from Oct 6 – Nov


• Non-van GOTV: Any voter who wants to register but can’t vote early will

have the opportunity to register and sign up for an absentee ballot.

Organizers will get mobile phone numbers from these voters to send follow-up

text messages (which proved in 2006 to be the single most cost effective

GOTV reminder tool, raising turnout by 4% versus a control group).

*Target Campuses:*

• Ohio State University (2 teams)

• Ohio University (2 Teams)

• University of Toledo (1 Team)

• University of Cincinnati (1 Team)

• Kent State (1 Team)

• University of Dayton (1 Team)

• Cuyahoga Community College (1 Team)

• Cleveland State (1 Team)

• Miami University of Ohio (1 Team)

• Bowling Green State (1 Team)

*Target Urban Areas:*

• Columbus (2 Teams)

• Cleveland (2 Teams)

• Cincinnati (2 Teams)

• Dayton (1 Team)

• Toledo (1 Team)


To support this project, please visit our Act Blue page:



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Has It All Come Down to a Jail?

Cincinnati Six Years After the Killings and the Riots

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In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

In 56 of Ohio’s 88 counties, ballots and election records from 2004 have been “accidentally” destroyed, despite a federal order to preserve them — it was crucial evidence which would have revealed whether the election was stolen.

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1 in 4 Cleveland memory cards fail to match up to official totals

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More potential 2004 election illegalities rock Ohio’s Hocking County as Cleveland braces for a legal firestorm

As the third of four members of the Cuyahoga (Cleveland) County Board of Elections resigns under pressure from Ohio’s new Secretary of State, additional potential illegalities in Hocking County have resurfaced with new weight against a GOP executive director already under serious fire.

by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

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Forced resignations and stiff prison sentences intensify the escalating blowback from Ohio’s 2004 stolen election

In a bold move “to restore trust to elections in Ohio,” Ohio’s newly-elected Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has requested the resignation of all four members of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. The two Democrats and two Republicans were formally asked to resign by the close of business on March 21. Cuyahoga County includes the heavily Democratic city of Cleveland. Brunner is a Democrat who was elected, last November, to be Ohio’s Secretary of State.

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Brunner asks entire Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to quit

In response to a series of election problems in Cuyahoga County, Secretary of State Jennifer L. Brunner has asked the four-member Board of Elections to quit or face being removed.

The board’s chairman is Robert T. Bennett, who also is chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. He said he will not resign and that the board is not to blame for the problems.

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Ohio’s spreading stolen 2004 election scandal claims another victim

With two felony convictions already in its wake, Ohio’s spreading stolen 2004 election scandal has claimed another victim—Michael Vu, the controversial executive director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

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Ohio tops in home foreclosures

A sign of economic problems

Ohio again leads the nation in home foreclosures, an indicator of how the state’s lag in adding jobs is leading people to have trouble paying their bills, economists say.

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Two Ohio election workers convicted of rigging ’04 presidential recount

Two election workers in the state’s most populous county were convicted Wednesday of illegally rigging the 2004 presidential election recount so they could avoid a more thorough review of the votes.

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Ohio Governor Issues Execution Reprieves

“In order to conduct a review that is as thorough and comprehensive as the previous administration pursued before death penalties were implemented, I have decided to issue reprieves.”

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American killed in Baghdad was from Ohio

“She didn’t agree with the war, but she felt that now that we’re here, she wanted to do what she could to help the Iraqis”

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Ohioans: Stand with me for women’s health

Help Senator Hagan fight Substitute House Bill 239 by writing to the members of the Senate Health Committee TODAY. This bill would limit access to abortion services for low-income women, even when their health is at risk or they are facing severe fetal abnormalities.

Make sure that the Health Committee knows that the pro-choice majority is opposed to this bill and wants our state government to focus on policies that help our families, not hurt them.

Click here to help

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Breaking News from Ohio State Senator Fingerhut

I’m writing to report that Mental Health Parity legislation S.B. 116 was passed out of committee this morning and is headed to a vote on the floor of the Ohio Senate this afternoon. Session begins at 1:30 p.m. Watch the vote via live, online coverage at www.ohiochannel.org . I will post the results to my website later today.

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Democrat concedes Ohio race, vows to run again

CINCINNATI – The Democratic challenger to first-term House Republican Jean Schmidt conceded on Tuesday, saying her close race in the heavily GOP district leaves her wanting to run for office again.

“It was not a surprise,” Victoria Wulsin, a public health doctor who has never won elective office, said of her 2,517-vote loss to Schmidt. She said she might seek a rematch with Schmidt, or run for something else.

Of significance for election reformers, OH-02 counties disqualified from 11–27% of provisional ballots. Hamilton County counted 87.6% in contrast to 75.8% in ‘04. An improvement, but roughly every eighth provisional ballot was tossed in comparison to one in four.

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