Buffett backs estate tax, decries wealth gap

Billionaire Warren Buffett on Wednesday endorsed the estate tax as a check on wealth accumulation, while two senior U.S. senators said they want the tax repealed.

Revisiting a long-standing debate over the controversial tax, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing where Chairman Max Baucus said he supports ending the estate tax, although he said he did not expect this to happen any time soon.

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Study: 1 out of 4 homeless are veterans

Veterans make up one in four homeless people in the United States, though they are only 11 percent of the general adult population, according to a report to be released Thursday.

And homelessness is not just a problem among middle-age and elderly veterans. Younger veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are trickling into shelters and soup kitchens seeking services, treatment or help with finding a job.

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Feeding the Hungry is a Crime

City councils are cracking down on charity groups that feed the homeless without a permit

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Pickling the Poor


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Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don’t Want You to Vote

The Justice Department is pressuring 10 states to purge their voter rolls, while states are ignoring laws to help low-income Americans register to vote.

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Poor Kids Living in a War Zone


July 14, 2007

The colorful playground outside Frederick Funston Elementary School has swings and sliding boards and a heartbreaking makeshift memorial for the 13-year-old girl who was shot to death in the playground a few weeks ago.

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A Student, a Teacher and a Glimpse of War

And yet — how can you walk away from a human being who will surely die if you do so?

Nicholas Kristof

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Africa’s World War

June 14, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist


Speciose Kabagwira lost another baby last week. It was the end of her 12th pregnancy, and the infant was stillborn on delivery.

It was her fifth stillbirth or miscarriage. And of her seven children born alive, four have died.

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Authentic? Never Mind

June 11, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

Rich liberals who claim they’ll help America’s less fortunate are phonies.

Let me give you one example — a Democrat who said he’d work on behalf of workers and the poor. He even said he’d take on Big Business. But the truth is that while he was saying those things, he was living in a big house and had a pretty lavish summer home too. His favorite recreation, sailing, was incredibly elitist. And he didn’t talk like a regular guy.

Clearly, this politician wasn’t authentic. His name? Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


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America’s Hungry

In 2005, 35 million people lived in households that frequently went without enough to eat according to Larry Brown, researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health. The study report: Economic Cost of Domestic Hunger

[Merci R]

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Valuing The Votes Of The Poor

Thousands of low-income North Carolinians are now finding it much easier to register to vote, thanks to the North Carolina State Board of Elections’ efforts to ensure the state is in full compliance with an often-neglected provision of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

Scott Novakowski

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American Cities and the Great Divide

May 22, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

A public high school teacher in Brooklyn told me recently about a student who didn’t believe that a restaurant tab for four people could come to more than $500. The student shook his head, as if resisting the very idea. He just couldn’t fathom it. (more…)

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Doctors, Drugs and the Poor

May 17, 2007
Guest Columnist

It’s one of those questions no one tells you about when you enter medical practice. What do you do when patients come who can’t pay? Some doctors decline to see them. I have expenses to pay and a family to feed, they’ll argue. (more…)

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The Poverty Business

Inside U.S. companies’ audacious drive to extract more profits from the nation’s working poor

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More Than Just Talk

May 8, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

New Orleans

It was a nice moment. The sky was filled with thick, dark clouds and a monsoonlike storm was on its way, but there was the presidential candidate, John Edwards, in work boots, jeans and a navy blue shirt, talking with a handful of neighborhood people gathered outside a house that was being built in the Ninth Ward. (more…)

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Even as Africa Hungers, Policy Slows Delivery of U.S. Food Aid

Within weeks, those rations, provided by the United Nations World Food Program, are at risk of running out for them and 500,000 other paupers, including thousands of people wasted by AIDS who are being treated with American-financed drugs that make them hungrier as they grow healthy.

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Income Gap Is Widening, Data Shows

Income inequality grew significantly in 2005, with the top 1 percent of Americans — those with incomes that year of more than $348,000 — receiving their largest share of national income since 1928, analysis of newly released tax data shows.

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You, Too, Can Be a Banker to the Poor

March 27, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

KABUL, Afghanistan

For those readers who ask me what they can do to help fight poverty, one option is to sit down at your computer and become a microfinancier.

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Indentured Servants in America

March 12, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

A must-read for anyone who favors an expansion of guest worker programs in the U.S. is a stunning new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center that details the widespread abuse of highly vulnerable, poverty-stricken workers in programs that already exist.

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U.S. Severe poverty rate at highest in three decades

Plight of poorest of poor extends to suburban areas

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Happened across a news site and seeing these two stories right on top of each other caused me to stop and wonder what influenced each of them in the paths they chose.

Police try to determine if two armed robberies are related

(Wallingford-WTNH) _ The two robberies happened just hours apart in Rocky Hill and Wallingford

Fallen East Hartford soldier

(East Hartford-WTNH, Feb. 23, 2007 5:20 PM) _ Flags around the state are flying at half-staff for Connecticut’s latest casualty of war. Forty-year old Army Sergeant Richard Ford died from combat injuries on Tuesday.

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One in three Iraqis ‘in poverty’

One-third of Iraqis are now living in poverty, according to a new UN study, with 5% in extreme poverty, a sharp deterioration since the 2003 invasion.

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Small U.S. towns bear scars from Iraq

Edward “Willie” Carman wanted a ticket out of town, and the Army provided it. Raised in the projects by a single mother in this blighted, old industrial steel town outside Pittsburgh, the 18-year-old saw the U.S. military as an opportunity.

“I’m not doing it to you, I’m doing it for me,” he told his mother, Joanna Hawthorne, after coming home from high school one day and surprising her with the news.

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Torture by Worms


February 18, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

JIMMA, Ethiopia

Presidents are supposed to be strong, and on his latest visit to Africa Jimmy Carter proved himself strong enough to weep.

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Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World

There is a “mystery” we must explain: How is it that as corporate investments and foreign aid and international loans to poor countries have increased dramatically throughout the world over the last half century, so has poverty? The number of people living in poverty is growing at a faster rate than the world’s population. What do we make of this?

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New Orleans of Future May Stay Half Its Old Size

“Culture is people,” said Richard Campanella, a Tulane geographer who has written extensively about the city’s neighborhoods. “If half the local people are dispersed and no longer living cohesively in those social networks, then half of local culture is gone.”

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Be Your Own King

Behind all the Kumbaya-ism in this federal holiday is a prophetic preacher who talked not just about race, but about war and poverty

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Barbara Ehrenreich on Poverty, War and Feminism’s Place in the World

Well, there is an alternative theory of poverty that some of us have been trying to get across, which is that it’s not a character flaw, it is a lack of money.

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Helping the Poor, the British Way

December 25, 2006


It’s the season for charitable giving. And far too many Americans, particularly children, need that charity.

Scenes of a devastated New Orleans reminded us that many of our fellow citizens remain poor, four decades after L.B.J. declared war on poverty. But I’m not sure whether people understand how little progress we’ve made. (more…)

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America’s Open Wound

December 21, 2006


New Orleans

It’s eerie. The air is still. There is no noise. Night is falling.

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Economic Apartheid Kills

How ironic that the Bush administration successfully talked up the global threat from terrorism while it pursued domestic and foreign policies promoting economic apartheid, a far greater and more pervasive threat to national and global stability.

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Show Me the Money

Walter Mosley

Cultural Famine: A Cycle

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