Boy, oh, Boy

by Maureen Dowd
I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer []had much to do with race.

Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it.

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Congressman Rebukes McCain for Recent Rallies

WASHINGTON — Representative John Lewis, the Georgia Democrat and civil rights leader, said Saturday that Senator John McCain and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, were “sowing the seeds of hatred and division” in a way that reminded him of former Gov. George Wallace and “another destructive period” in the nation’s history.

John Lewis: McCain, Palin “sowing seeds of hatred and division”

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Fox News refers to Michelle Obama as `Baby Mama’

The graphic “Outraged liberals: Stop picking on Obama’s baby mama” was flashed during an interview with conservative columnist Michelle Malkin about whether Barack Obama’s wife has been the target of unfair criticism.

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Any full-blooded Americans around here?

I didn’t think so.

Read it and weep

By the way, didn’t we eradicate the full-blooded ‘Americans’ we met when we got here…?

…oh, and F@ck You, Kathleen Parker.

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Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause

For all the hope and excitement Obama’s candidacy is generating, some of his field workers, phone-bank volunteers and campaign surrogates are encountering a raw racism and hostility that have gone largely unnoticed — and unreported — this election season. Doors have been slammed in their faces. They’ve been called racially derogatory names (including the white volunteers). And they’ve endured malicious rants and ugly stereotyping from people who can’t fathom that the senator from Illinois could become the first African American president.

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Again. And Again. And Again… (Sean Bell)

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There’s something wrong with us.

Overkill and Short Shrift


The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is no doubt (and regrettably) a big issue in the presidential campaign. But what we’ve seen over the past week is major media overkill — Jeremiah Wright all day and all night. It’s like watching the clips of a car wreck again and again.

Take Action: Tell the media to live up to King’s dream

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther
King, Jr.
– a tragic end to a life spent moving the nation
towards racial justice and reconciliation.

But in the last few weeks, instead of building on his legacy,
the news media has been in a feeding frenzy which plays on our
worst fears and demeans the prophetic tradition of the black

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has preached for over 3,000 hours in the
course of his career, but the cable news networks have used a
handful of 30-second clips, often taken completely out of
context, to exploit racial fears and further divide this nation.

I just sent a message to these networks, telling them to honor
King’s legacy by covering racial issues in a way worthy of his
dream. Will you join me?

Just click HERE.

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Today is the 40th anniversary of the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I want to share a video that reveals how far we’ve come and how much this campaign owes to Dr. King’s legacy.Students at a high school in the Bronx, who had no real interest in their government, have found new hope. They were surprised by their own excitement and engagement, but to me, they embody so many reasons why Barack and I decided to get into this campaign.

It’s truly moving to see young people inspired by a political leader — someone who gives them hope and reminds them that they can be anything they want to be if they work hard.

Watch what these kids have to say about politics and race in this country

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The Obama version of ‘we shall overcome’

Before he did it last week in Philadelphia, no one could have imagined that Barack Obama would sing the blues so powerfully. With the same soul power that bluesman Albert King once described, Obama brought the grits. He revealed an inner music of spirituality, of confrontation, a statement of aching tragic depth and resilient affirmation.

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Obama, Ferraro, Wright: ‘Postracial’ Meets Racism

Quite what concept Ferraro was referring to is difficult to fathom. Of the ten whitest states to have voted so far, Obama has won nine of them. Of the ten blackest states to have voted so far (including the District of Columbia), he has won nine of them. The votes are not weighted for melanin content. His lead is the product not of affirmative action but of democratic election.

There is a word for people who consistently deny the existence and effects of racism while denigrating black achievement. It’s called racist. It is not a word that should be used casually, and it is a word that has at times been misused. But it is not a word that we should refrain from using simply because some people might be offended. Ferraro is a racist. That’s not all she is. And that’s not all she has to be. But that is what she has consistently chosen to be in her response to black men in politics.

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Bill Clinton And Jeremiah Wright Photo Uncovered

The recent coverage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has often cast him as a marginal, almost fringe figure, but Trinity Church is a major Chicago institution, and Wright has long been a prominent pastor on the American scene.

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Obama and Race

“The big thing for Wright is hope,” said Martin Marty, one of America’s foremost theologians, who has known the Rev. Wright for 35 years and attended many of his services. “You hear ‘hope, hope, hope.’ Lots of ordinary people are there, and they’re there not to blast the whites. They’re there to get hope.”

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An effort to bridge a divide

Since he was very young, Senator Barack Obama has been something of a mediator of racial concerns, shuttling between black and white worlds and trying to translate the concerns of one to the other.

He did it in his family. He did it at Harvard Law School

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In any age, a prophet draws wrath

…Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Sen. Barack Obama’s minister, was much quoted over the weekend as having said: “God damn America.” But the quotation comes not from Wright, but from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s first address to the Montgomery Improvement Association on December 5, 1955. Both African-American preachers have understood prophetic biblical preaching far better than those who feign shock at and condemn Wright’s words.

[Thanks GIG!]

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Watch the best speech on race in America in decades!


Must see!

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Obama’s speech, the text

We can play Reverend Wright’s sermons on every channel, every day and talk about them from now until the election, and make the only question in this campaign whether or not the American people think that I somehow believe or sympathize with his most offensive words. We can pounce on some gaffe by a Hillary supporter as evidence that she’s playing the race card, or we can speculate on whether white men will all flock to John McCain in the general election regardless of his policies.

We can do that.

But if we do, I can tell you that in the next election, we’ll be talking about some other distraction. And then another one. And then another one. And nothing will change.

That is one option. Or, at this moment, in this election, we can come together and say, “Not this time.”

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Tough, Sad and Smart

They are a longtime odd couple, Bill Cosby and Harvard’s Dr. Alvin Poussaint, and their latest campaign is nothing less than an effort to save the soul of black America.


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Has It All Come Down to a Jail?

Cincinnati Six Years After the Killings and the Riots

Why six years after police killed an unarmed black man and the city was rocked by riots, has everything in Cincinnati come down to the building of a jail? How did the liberals’ darling Todd Portune end up joining hands with conservative moral crusader Sheriff Simon Leis?

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At U.S. base, Iraqis must use separate latrine

FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, Iraq — The sign taped to the men’s latrine is just five lines:


It needed only one: “NO IRAQIS.”

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What Works – Miami’s Role Model program

“I sure hope Timothy doesn’t come to school today.”

The thought shocked her. If she dreaded Timothy, she says, how must her Hispanic and white teachers have felt about him? And why was it every time she held a disciplinary conference, it was for a black boy? Why were they the ones who always seemed to be in trouble?

So she started meeting with them, “trying to find out why they were so angry and why they were so disruptive and why they wanted to fight all the time.” Then she started calling men in to help her.

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Suing the KKK

A Nonprofit Law Center Sues Second-Largest Klan Group Over Assault

For Jarred Hensley and Andrew Watkins, two members of the nation’s second-largest Ku Klux Klan group, the mistaken belief that Jordan Gruver was Hispanic was apparently reason enough for them to beat the 16-year-old to the ground after showering him with racial slurs, spit and whiskey at a Kentucky county fair in July, according to court papers.

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Report Card on Prejudice in America

A wide-ranging survey recently completed by Zogby International to probe what Americans think about prejudice in the U.S. today generated some interesting findings

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I just learned about a case of segregation-era oppression happening today in Jena, Louisiana. I signed onto’s campaign for justice in Jena, and wanted to invite you to do the same.


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In Mississippi, Ruling Is Seen as Racial Split

A court ruling that forces voters to register by party could return Mississippi to the days of racially polarized politics

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How racism hurts — literally

Four years ago, researchers identified a surprising price for being a black woman in America. The study of 334 midlife women, published in the journal Health Psychology, examined links between different kinds of stress and risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Black women who pointed to racism as a source of stress in their lives, the researchers found, developed more plaque in their carotid arteries — an early sign of heart disease — than black women who didn’t. The difference was small but important — making the report the first to link hardening of the arteries to racial discrimination.

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The Reality of Race: Is the Problem That White People Don’t Know or Don’t Care?

A recent study exploring white peoples’ understanding of the black experience in America reveals that whites still drastically underestimate the cost of being black because they don’t want to know or can’t face the consequences.

By Robert Jensen

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The Case of the Jena Six

Black High School Students Charged with
Attempted Murder
for Schoolyard Fight After Nooses Are Hung from Tree

“A Modern-Day Lynching” – Parents of Jena Six Speak of Injustice, Racism in Sons’ Prosecution

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Black Nooses Hanging from the “White” Tree

Injustice in Jena, Louisiana

Black students decided to resist and organized a sit-in under the “white tree” at the school to protest the light suspensions given to the noose-hanging white students

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When Is Enough Enough?

June 30, 2007

Chances are you didn’t hear it, but on Thursday night Senator Hillary Clinton said, “If H.I.V./AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women between the ages of 25 and 34, there would be an outraged outcry in this country.”

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Resegregation Now

Today was a sad day for the Supreme Court and for the ideal of racial equality.

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SCOTUS Assaults Brown v. Board of Education

Court strikes down school integration plans, ends Term

Affirmative Inaction

Segregation Now, Segregation Forever?

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What did Brown mean?

The Supreme Court may reinterpret the landmark ruling, threatening racial diversity in schools.

By Edward Lazarus

BROWN vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court’s landmark declaration that racially segregated public schools were unconstitutional, may be the court’s only ruling in the last 200 years that virtually everyone today agrees was “rightly decided.” It is simply unimaginable that a president would appoint, or that the Senate would confirm, a court nominee who failed to pay homage to the 1954 decision.

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FBI Investigates Alleged White Supremacist Death Threats From Former Washington Times Writer

By Bruce WilsonHis Friend, The WA Times Editor’s Wife, Compared Immigrants To “Filthy Orc Hordes”

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Bait and Switch

The SPLC vs. Lou Dobbs

Errors and extremist sources on Lou Dobbs Tonight

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You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Bush tells black New Orleans musicians to pick up the trash

It’s never-ending, isn’t it? When will I stop being shocked?

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An Unacceptable Nominee

President Bush’s latest appeals court nominee, Leslie Southwick, has a disturbing history of insensitivity to blacks and other minority groups. The Senate should reject this nomination and make clear to the White House that it will reject all future nominees who do not meet the high standards of fairness that are essential for such important posts.

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Small Incidents Are Creating a Big Problem With the N.Y.P.D.

May 29, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

These are small incidents, but they are accumulating by the tens of thousands, and someday New Yorkers are going to be shocked by the power of the anger that these seemingly insignificant incidents have generated.

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Arrested While Grieving

May 26, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

No one is paying much attention, but parts of New York City are like a police state for young men, women and children who happen to be black or Hispanic. They are routinely stopped, searched, harassed, intimidated, humiliated and, in many cases, arrested for no good reason. (more…)

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Racism goes on trial again in America’s Deep South

The prosecution of three black Louisiana youths reveals the rise of discrimination by stealth

Tom Mangold in Jena, Louisiana

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Bias as Usual or Foul Play?

Our Lives as Atoms
On the Physical Patterns that Govern Our World

May 14, 2007, 5:33 pm

By Mark Buchanan

David Stern, commissioner of the National Basketball Association, isn’t too happy with the recent revelation that N.B.A. referees appear to have a racial bias in the way they call fouls. He’s questioned the validity of the statistical analysis by Justin Wolfers, an assistant professor of business and public policy at the Wharton School, and Joseph Price, a Cornell graduate student in economics, which suggests that white and black referees call fouls preferentially against players of the opposite race. The N.B.A. insists that its own analysis (of different data) reveals no such bias, although other experts who’ve seen both analyses say that the Wolfers and Price study is more convincing.

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Free at Last

by Ted Rall

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50 Years Later, Little Rock Can’t Escape Race

Fifty years after an epic desegregation struggle, a school district in Little Rock, Ark., is still riven by racial conflict.

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SPLC wins $9 million verdict for Billy Ray Johnson

Linden jury awards man $9 million in beating case

Watch Nightline cover the Billy Ray Johnson trial tonight, Tuesday at 11:35 EDT on ABC.

“I hope you can tune in and see how your support helped strike a blow against hate and bigotry.” -Morris Dees

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Natasha Trethewey wins Pulitzer Prize for poetry

Emory University associate professor of English has been awarded the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for poetry for “Native Guard” which draws on her personal experience and Southern heritage.


We mourn the broken things, chair legs
wrenched from their seats, chipped plates,
the threadbare clothes. We work the magic
of glue, drive the nails, mend the holes.
We save what we can, melt small pieces
of soap, gather fallen pecans, keep neck bones
for soup. Beating rugs against the house,
we watch dust, lit like stars, spreading
across the yard. Late afternoon, we draw
the blinds to cool the rooms, drive the bugs
out. My mother irons, singing, lost in reverie.
I mark the pages of a mail-order catalog,
listen for passing cars. All day we watch
for the mail, some news from a distant place.

~Natasha Trethewey

[Thx RC]

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Learning About Choices From Those We Honor

April 17, 2007

Last week’s big name in race relations was Don Imus. This week we have Sonny Carson. We’re not exactly working with a gorgeous mosaic here.

Mr. Imus needs no introduction. Mr. Carson’s name may not ring all bells. More on him in a moment. But first let us note the celebration of racial justice that took place on Sunday.

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Signs of Infection

April 16, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist
Signs of Infection

People in positions of great power are the ones who define those who are relatively lacking in power. So when Don Imus, a very powerful radio personality, dropped his disgusting verbal bomb on the members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team, he sent a powerful message across the airwaves: that the young women on the team (the black ones, at least) were crude, ugly and genetically inferior, and that all of the women were whores. (more…)

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Misogyny in the Morning

What would possess nappy-headed radio host Don Imus to think “nappy-headed hos” was an amusing way to describe the Rutgers University women’s basketball team? Why would it occur to him to say such a thing even in private conversation, much less to millions of listeners on CBS Radio and the MSNBC cable network?

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Flying Solo Past the Point of No Return

For a few days, it seemed as if Don Imus would somehow pull out of the death spiral. (more…)

Paying the Price

April 12, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist

You knew something was up early in the day. As soon as I told executives at MSNBC that I was going to write about the “60 Minutes” piece, which was already in pretty wide circulation, they began acting very weird. We’ll get back to you, they said.

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