Opie for Obama!

Call to Action by Ron Howard

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‘Sopranos’ Grief

June 6, 2007, 8:22 pm
Dick Cavett

I welcome any advice anyone has about a certain problem: How is a person supposed to live without “The Sopranos”?

Last Sunday’s penultimate episode gave me a vivid nightmare. A woman I know was unable to sleep at all after watching it. God knows what watching the ultimate one will do this weekend, on what we the devoted think of as Black Sunday. (more…)

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When That Guy Died on My Show

May 3, 2007, 6:33 pm
Dick Cavett Speaks Again

“Hey, Dick, I’ll never forget the look on your face when that guy died on your show.”

I’d say I still get this about 20 times a year, a high number considering that the event referred to happened in 1971. (more…)

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Defense bigs ask ’24’ to cool it on torture

The grossly graphic torture scenes in Fox’s highly rated series “24” are encouraging abuses in Iraq, a brigadier general and three top military and FBI interrogators claim.

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Kids Imitate Saddam’s Televised Hanging Death

Three Children in Different Countries Commit Suicide After Viewing Saddam Hussein’s Execution

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You See Dead People? Big Deal. Join the Club.

Published: December 10, 2006

”I see dead people,” Haley Joel Osment famously said in the film ”The Sixth Sense.” If the current crop of similarly themed television series is any indication, so do a lot of folks.

In ”Medium,” ”The Ghost Whisperer” and ”The Dead Zone” ”gifted” characters routinely aid the restless spirits of the deceased. And more shows are on the way: BBC America just introduced ”Afterlife.” Glenn Gordon Caron, executive producer of ”Medium,” is developing a romantic drama about a dead young woman who returns to life to help people. And for midseason NBC is bringing ”Raines,” starring Jeff Goldblum as a cop who talks to the ghosts of murder victims. (more…)

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The Executive Producer of ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ Is Leaving

Ben Karlin has served as Karl Rove to Mr. Stewart’s George W. Bush, if not his Dick Cheney.

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