US Coal Firm Linked to Colombia Militias

Frank Bajak, Associated Press, Saturday, July 7, 2007
The bus had just left Drummond Co. Inc.’s coal mine carrying about 50 workers when gunmen halted it and forced two union leaders off. They shot one on the spot, pumping four bullets into his head, and dragged the other one off to be tortured and killed.

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Erosion of unions hurts women, particularly Latinas

Although women have made many gains since the 1960s, they must still catch up with men when it comes to equal pay and the benefits that generally accompany it…

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Giving Management All The Cards

So, why don’t workers join unions? Are they really that scared of employers that they won’t take a risk? Americans are not a people unduly obeisant to authority, so why are they so compliant at work—a place that takes up one-third of their lives and determines where they spend the other two-thirds?

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Unionizing bill advances

Cheney threatens veto

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“You Have No Chance to Retaliate”

Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Steven Law attacks The Employee Free Choice Act

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